Kolawole Ajeyemi announces new marriage amid allegations of cheating to which Toyin Abraham responds

Kolawole Ajeyemi Announces New Marriage Amid Allegations Of Cheating To Which Toyin Abraham Responds

Toyin Abraham Reveals What Helps Her Husband, Kolawole Ajeyima,

Kolawola actress Ajeyemi Nollywood’s husband Toyin Abraham sparked big reactions when he teased his second marriage to another of his colleagues, Oluwabukolo Arugbo.

This happens months after he allegedly cheated on his wife Toyin Abraham.

Gist Lover has previously revealed that the actress’ husband is cheating on her with a younger colleague.

“All these Nollywood girls won’t stop surprising me, you sleep with a person’s husband and you still have the courage to call her mom, you’re everywhere in her comment department …… their meeting point is one hotel in Abeokuta, the so-called shameless man, which his wife feeds, he is not faithful, he always uses a hood to cover his face …. my eyes are fixed on you … but I feel for a wife, no luck, again such a man, God forbid … he will soon bring evidence Until then, let the decoders do their job. “

Although the couple closed the rumor with several cute videos, Kolawole Ajeyemi waved his tongues as he shared photos of him and Bukole dressed in wedding attire as he congratulated himself.

“Congratulations. Guess who? “

However, the actor was only joking as the photos were taken from the movie scene.

Toyin Abraham broke into the comment section to make fun of his dear joke.

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She revealed who his alleged bride was.

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