Klay Thompson’s Doppelganger Will Face a Lifetime Ban

Klay Thompson’s Doppelganger Will Face A Lifetime Ban

You know that Klay Thompson do you have a doppelganger? Well, you heard right. He has one. In fact, we have seen the lookalikes of many famous players in the sports world. For example, Sachin Tendulkar, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and many others have doppelgangers. In fact, they seem to like that fact. Thompson’s doppelganger’s name is Dawson Gurley. In fact, before Game 5 of the 2017 NBA Finals, he was noticed in the arena. Everyone on social media went crazy at the sight.

Gurley is a famous fan of the club, as is ‘Dancing Mom’. In fact, the team also seemed to enjoy the fun and jokes around them. However, not all doppelganger moments are funny. Sometimes the lookalikes created a lot of trouble for the stars and their teams. In fact, Gurley recently did something that caused him a lot of trouble. The situation is so altered that Gurley may no longer be in the spotlight. Read the article to find out what happened to the Klay Thompson doppelganger.

Klay’s doppelganger banned

Klay ThompsonThe ‘s lookalike did something really interesting. During Game 5, Gurley breached security and metal detectors. In fact, he also participated in the warm-ups with the Warriors. However, he was soon discovered and removed from the camp. Furthermore, the Warriors punished him for life for his conduct. Furthermore, they also refused to refund the $10,000 Gurley spent to purchase the tickets.

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O Klay Thompson lookalike took to Twitter to share the photo of the official letter of his ban. So it looks like we wouldn’t see him applauding the warriors’ food in games to come. Click the link below to view the tweet:

However, the Gurley incident has created some serious questions about security arrangements for the Warriors.

The security concerns

We know what Dawson Gurley looks like Klay Thompson. But this similarity is not a big deal. In fact, he looks a bit like Thompson. So it is not easy for him to completely breach security. This poses a serious question mark over in-game security arrangements. With the proper security measures, it would have been possible to prevent him from entering the ground. But, unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Therefore, security arrangements were put under question marks. Experts suggest that there must have been some flaw that allowed the Klay Thompson similar to breach security.

completion lines

It’s true that Gurley is a dedicated Warriors fan. In fact, he also looks a bit like Clay Thompson, but that doesn’t mean he would take the field and break security. His act may have given him massive popularity on social media, but it’s also risky. In fact, he ended up receiving a lifetime ban from the Warriors.

The incident also sparked debates about security breaches during the games. However, it remains to be seen how the authorities respond to these criticisms.

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