Kingston Class 10 Mobile Card: Android MicroSDHC Class 10

Kingston Class 10 Mobile Card: Android Microsdhc Class 10
Kingston Class 10 Mobile Card: Android Microsdhc Class 10
Kingston Class 10 Mobile Card: Android MicroSDHC Class 10 Screenshot 4

If you are an Android phone user, the presence of a mobile card is required. Especially for mid-range and low-end Android phones, a mobile card is required, regardless of whether it is used to store photos or store apps.

If you use external storage such as a mobile card to install apps, pay attention to the mobile card reading speed.

In short, if you want to buy a cell card to install apps, buy a class 10. Well, one of the class 10 cell cards that we recommend is the Kingston brand.
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The Kingston Mobile Card purchase package is quite nice as we get an adapter that can be used for cameras or laptops that have an SD card slot. So we don’t have to worry about buying a Micro SD or SD card separately.

Priced under 50,000 rupees, the purchase package offered by Kingston appears to be quite cheap and attractive.

This mobile card variant only has two versions i.e. only 16GB and 32GB. If you want a larger capacity, you can choose another variant (canvas).


I have tried this memory card on multiple devices. First, of course, smartphones. I use it to store photos, videos and car racing games.

As a result, I have no problem playing racing games. There is no lag or significant decrease in loading speed. Even when I use it to record video, everything works smoothly.

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The same thing happens when I use a cell card as storage in my pocket camera. No problem saving photos or videos. When I try to transfer data from mobile card to PC, Kingston mobile card works fine.

If you are looking for an affordable mobile card to increase your Android phone’s storage capacity, this mobile card from Kingston could be an alternative option.

The test results are very good and the big name Kingston who has experience in the storage industry is certainly reason enough to buy this mobile card.

If it’s still missing, Kingston also provides Canvas and Canvas Go types! as an option for those who want greater capacity and speed


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