Kharisma »Blog Archive» The best car rental apps of 2022

Kharisma »Blog Archive» The Best Car Rental Apps Of 2022

The best car rental app 2022 – You can use this car rental app as an alternative for those who do not have a car but need a vehicle for travel or other purposes. Especially now that there are many keyless car rental apps that offer a variety of choices and attractive discounts.

Various applications allow you to rent a car cheaply and at the nearest rental station. This way, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on transportation costs while traveling.

Well, this time we want to recommend the best car rental app you can trust for long or short trips.

There are several car rental apps that we recommend you try out. Some are specific to car rental applications, others to mototaxis and online ticketing applications. However, they all have car rental features, they really exist!

1. Grab it

One of our recommended car rental apps is Grab. This online motorcycle taxi app has a feature of renting a car for a limited time.

Very easy to rent. If you book GrabCar, there are car rental options available below. After that, you just need to select the desired rental period.

Compared to other car rental applications, the Grab is reliable because it ensures the safety and reputation of the driver. Unfortunately, you can’t rent a self-driving car on the Grab right now.


If it’s probably already on your smartphone, go! The Traveloka app is known as an all-in-one app.

Initially, it focused on providing airline tickets or hotels. Over time, Traveloka has more complete and diverse features.

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One of them is car rental. This feature is very useful when you are on vacation and need a vehicle to move around.


You can also rent a vehicle through the app, gang! This app has many very useful features.

You can easily rent a car in different cities like Jakarta, Malang, Lombok, Solo etc.

So you don’t have to worry about your vehicle with this app!

4. Maxim

Then there’s the Maxim app. You could say that this app is a new transportation service. In addition to the online offer of motorcycles and cars, this application also offers online car rental services at affordable prices.

The name of the service is Hourly Car. With this service, you can rent a car for as little as 50,000 IDR per hour. The following rates are then calculated in Rp. 833.33 per minute.

Maxim Hourly Car is available with a variety of compact cars and minivans that can accommodate up to 6 passengers at a time. Of course, this is perfect for those who want to save money.

5. Klook

The first app you can try is Klook. One of the advantages of this app is that it can provide a fleet with a capacity of up to 12 passengers. This option is suitable for those traveling with a large group.

Quite far is also the maximum mileage, which is 600 km for rent. Klook also offers car rental outside the city.

Interestingly, there is a possibility that you do not make a deposit. You can also enjoy discounts of up to 10% for each transaction.

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6. Nemob

Another free car rental app you can try is Nemob. Like other apps, you can use a comparison service to find a car at an attractive price and suit your needs.

For this type of car it is possible to rent several types such as Avanza, Xenia, Alphard, Vellfire. For cargo transportation, this app can reach 4-7 passengers with prices starting from 320,000 IDR per day.

Some of the rental packages you can take advantage of are car with driver, keyless car rental packages, Nemob for business and special car rental packages. You just have to adjust it to your costs and needs.

7. Share the car

If you have to rent a car outside of business hours, it doesn’t hurt to try Share Car. This app allows you to rent a car for 24 hours. Of course, this app is suitable for those who need a night trip.

Available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, this app offers car rental with a minimum price of IDR 85,000 for one hour of use.

You can use an SUV or MPV with at least four passengers in Share Car. The registration process can take up to one day to use.

8. Boocar

Boocar offers car rental in 50 cities in Indonesia. With such a wide range, you will find it easier to obtain car rental services. In addition, the payment system is also easy, as you can use Gopay, Akulaku and in supermarkets.

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Boocar offers transportation features for your trips with this app. You can choose from different types of vehicles. You can use your favorite car. In addition, you can set the rental price in units per hour or per day.

9. Car rental

As the name suggests, this app offers 24-hour car rental services available in more than 200 countries and regions, including Indonesia.

However, the downside is that this app has a relatively expensive tariff because there are still a very limited number of car rental companies in Indonesia working on this app.

10. DOCar – Rent

DOcar offers car rental services in most major cities in Indonesia. Thanks to the full service, DOcar is suitable for everyone who wants to spend their vacation in a certain area.

Not only that, DOcar has many versions of cars, from standard to luxury cars at affordable prices.

Last word

Here is our look at the top 10 car rental apps. Which of the above apps is right for you? This unlocked car rental app may be at least another choice when your favorite rental location is full.

If you know of other car rental apps, write them in the comments column, right? Good rental.


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