Kedah presents new varieties of durian J. Sparrow ‘, ‘Jerai ‘

Kedah Presents New Varieties Of Durian J. Sparrow ‘, ‘Jerai ‘

Kedah Presents New Varieties Of Durian J. Sparrow ', 'Jerai '
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PETANI RIVER: The Kedah State Department of Agriculture today introduced a new variety of durian known as D216 (J. Sparrow) and D217 (Jerai), which is grown on a durian farm in Kampung Ketapang, Sungai Tok Pawang, Bedong near here.

Kedah Committee on Agriculture and Food Industry, Crop and Commodity Industries, Transport and Indian Community Affairs, Datuk Azman Nasrudin said that the durian clone would be a new product for durian enthusiasts in the country.


“Kedah offers new durian varieties and is confident they will be well received, this D216 and D217 durian variety clone has its own unique flavor and appearance that will be in high demand among durian enthusiasts,” he said.

He said this at a press conference following the release of the durian clone at the durian farm near here today, which was also attended by Kedah’s director of agriculture, Ramli Abdul Rahman, as well as the operator of the new durian variety, Teoh Seng Khoon. .

Further commenting, Azman said that one of the main characteristics of durian J. Sparrow is that its main content is brown and light yellow and it has a moderate aroma with an average sweetness of 35.3% Brix in addition to having a moderate bitter taste.

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“Durian Jerai has a light yellow main content and has a strong aroma, the average sweetness is 35% Brix. It has a medium bitterness, a medium rough texture and has a strong creamy flavor,” he said.

Azman said his party hopes durian operators can increase the cultivation of durian trees so they can be marketed more widely outside of Kedah.

There are currently seven durian trees of the J. Sparrow variety while 10 trees of the Jerai durian variety.

Meanwhile, Teoh said that people who wanted to taste the two durian clones could come directly to the durian farm, as it had not been sold in the overseas market until now.

He said J. Sparrow durian was sold between RM35 and RM45 per kilo, while Jerai durian was between RM20 and RM35 per kilo. – APPOINTED

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