Jury trial begins for Travis Patron on charges of assaulting two women

Jury Trial Begins For Travis Patron On Charges Of Assaulting Two Women

The sponsor chose to represent itself without the help of a lawyer, according to Judge Beverly Clatt.

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Amanda Ruschiensky says a man who initially hit her like a notebook later hit her in the head several times in a violent fit that had lasting effects.

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The 36-year-old testified on Monday that Travis Patron of Redvers, who sat across from him in court, was barely recognizable as the good-natured, handsome man who chatted in Regina’s bar before he was assaulted. She and boyfriend Alison Tuckers in November 2019. He looked slimmer on the court and now has a beard, she said, but she knew it was his from his facial features.

Shepherd, who was 28 years old when he was arrested and has been, at least once, the leader of the Canadian National Party, is charged with two counts of assault causing bodily harm on November 2, 2019, and his jury trial began Monday. in the Delta Regina Region. the hotel.

Although Patronus did not make an oral admission of the charges when asked, Judge Beverly Clatt in Regina Court at Queen’s Court Beverly Clatt instructed the court clerk to file pleas of innocence on record.

After that, the jury was chosen. The final twelve members of the jury appeared to be of varying ages and more than half were male.

Attorney General Ryan Snyder’s initial comments were brief, telling the jury they could expect the Crown to call three witnesses — a police officer and two plaintiffs.

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Regina Police Service Const. Jessica McBride, a police officer since 2017, testified that she was among those sent to a robbery call in the early morning hours of November 2, 2019.

As she and her partner approached the scene, she saw a man who matched a suspect’s description, but he refused to speak to police before leaving and went into hiding despite being pursued, McBride told the court.

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The pastor, who represented himself without the assistance of a lawyer, questioned her on several points, including why the suspect had not been arrested and what she knew about his detention.

There was a point where the judge blocked his way in cross-examination and the jury was briefly dismissed, but the conversation that followed could not be reported due to the standard ban on publishing information that the jury did not hear.

McBride said he attended to the two women who were in an apartment block on Victoria Street. Both women had obvious injuries and appeared slightly intoxicated. She said they refused to be taken to the hospital by EMS, but later accepted a ride from the police to the general hospital, noting that she received full statements from the two women later.

On the witness stand, Ruskinsky told Snyder that she and Tokarz met Patron on set with two other men at a bar. She said they all went to another bar together and when it closed they went to the Saskatchewan Hotel. There, she says, she and Tokers left the men in the corner and made their way to a nearby apartment building, where they were finally called home before Patron appeared and asked, “Where’s the party?”

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She testified that the women told Patron they were going home and he offered them a ride. They told him they had already asked to ride a horse, but he insisted and Rosshinsky “silenced” him, putting his finger to his lips.

Rochinsky testified that she objected and told Patron.

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“So he ended up hitting me in the face,” she said in a shaky voice.

She pulled herself together and told how the two women ended up in the apartment’s lobby, but Patron walked in and knocked Tokars to the floor.

Roschinsky said he hit her again after that.

A surveillance video showing part of the alleged assaults was reportedly shown to the jury.

She said the accident left her with a concussion, and she was unable to work for months, noting that she also sought counseling, which is still ongoing until now.

She testified that she gave Patron her phone number before the alleged assault and after that they had a brief phone conversation during which she told him that the police would contact him.

She testified that he texted her later, asking her to tell the police that he tried to apologize.

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“I’m only doing this because none of you deserved what happened,” I read in a screenshot of a text message shown in court.

The pastor, when given the opportunity to question the woman, chose to sit quietly without responding to the judge’s instructions.

He looked like he was shaking.

The court is due to resume on Tuesday, when the accused will again have the chance to question Roschinsky.

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