JNE wood packaging service prices, terms and how to calculate insurance rates

Jne Wood Packaging Service Prices, Terms And How To Calculate Insurance Rates

Service JNE wooden packaging then the best choice for shipping valuable, high value or perishable goods. In addition to being robust, this service offers maximum protection guarantees so that the goods arrive safely at their destination.

However, JNE wood packaging is an additional service that requires extra costs in addition to postage. So how much does it cost to pack JNE with a wooden box, is it expensive? Check out more information below.

Does JNE provide wood packaging services?

Yes, JNE provides wood packaging services, in addition to packaging envelopes, cardboard, bags, polystyrene and also bubble wrap.

JNE wood packaging is generally used to package glassware, electronics or other high value items.

Box packing services are superior to other packing services. Because in addition to being more resistant and safer, wooden boxes are also more durable.

However, wooden case packaging fees tend to be more expensive than other packaging. And there is usually an additional insurance fee for coverage in case of damage or loss.

Wood packing terms and conditions at JNE

Unlike the SiCepat wood packaging service, JNE sets its own terms and conditions for packaging with wooden cases.

To use the packaging service, the user must comply with the following terms and conditions:

1. Included in the categories of permitted goods, such as:

  • broke
  • electronic products
  • perishable goods
  • valuable / high value products.

2. Wood packing services are available at all agents and branches according to JNE’s working hours.

3. Includes optional/non-mandatory services at additional cost.

4. Includes insurance with compensation value according to the price of the goods.

5. The sender must provide complete information, including the sender’s and recipient’s full name, full address and mobile number.

6. Packages are tightly wrapped for easy packing.

7. The size of the wooden box fits into the package without leaving space in the box.

8. It must be accompanied by a special label on the outside of the package, if necessary.

Once you meet the above requirements, you can calculate the estimated cost of JNE wood packaging through the discussion below.

JNE wood packing fees

What is the price of JNE 2022 wooden packaging? JNE wooden crate packing fees usually range from Rp. 10 thousand to Rp. 20 thousand per package.

However, fees can vary greatly depending on the weight of the package, as well as postage or delivery fees.

Even with SiCepat wooden packaging, the cost is calculated based on the original weight for small packages. Meanwhile, for large packages, volumetric calculations are used.

In addition, the rate will also be rounded up to the highest weight. For example, goods weighing 700 grams will be rounded up to 1 kg. This applies to the weight of the next package.

For standard JNE shipping rates, see the following list:

  • Package weight 1 – 2 kg = Rp. 8,500
  • Package weight 3 – 4 kg = IDR 11,500
  • Package weight 5 kg = IDR 19,000
  • Package weight 6 – 10 kg = IDR 32,500
  • Package weight 11 – 15 kg = IDR 42,000
  • Package weight 16 – 20 kg = IDR 51,500
  • Package weight 21 – 25 kg = IDR 59,000

To facilitate the determination of the packaging cost you can see the formula with how to calculate it in the following discussion.

How to calculate the cost of JNE wood packaging

Face wood packaging packing calculation using the volumetric formula below:

(Big ones x wide x Height): 6000x 1 kg x Shipping cost per kg

To make it easier, you can see an example of JNE marshaling calculation for the following laptops.

For example, person A wants to send a laptop package with the following details:

  • Length: 60cm
  • Width: 40cm
  • Height: 10 cm

Using the standard JNE postage cost as above, the calculation method is as follows.

  • Berat Volumetrik = 60 cm x 40 cm x 10 cm: 6000 = 4
  • Wooden packing weight = 4 x 1 kilogram = 4 kilograms
  • Shipping cost = IDR 11,500
  • Packaging costs = 4 x IDR 11,500 = IDR 46,000.

Ah, the above costs are just for the package price, yes. Does not include insurance and shipping costs.

If you intend to use a wooden box packaging service, you must include insurance which will be added to the cost of packaging and shipping.

The value of JNE packaging insurance is 0.2% of the total price/value of the goods. This insurance can be claimed later if there is a problem with the delivery of the package.

JNE insurance

In addition to packaging costs, the JNE normally also adds insurance costs, the value of which is adjusted to the nominal price of the goods.

This insurance is mandatory, especially if the price of the goods is 10x the shipping cost. Following are the details of the JNE insurance amount for various categories of goods:

Assets Maximum Insurance Value
BPKB car IDR 3,500,000 per book
BPKB engine IDR 2,500,000 per book
Important Documents/Letters IDR 2,000,000 per document
Grade IDR 200,000 per document
Passport IDR 500,000 per document
land certificate IDR 2,000,000 per document
car registration IDR 2,000,000 per sheet
Registration of motor vehicles IDR 1,000,000 per sheet

For the total payment, it is adjusted to the price of the goods multiplied by the insurance fee of 0.2% + administration fee in the cost of packaging. Calculations as follows:

(0.2% x item value) + administration fee)

For example, if the value of A’s laptop is above Rp. 10 million, the total costs incurred are:

(0.2% x IDR 10,000,000) + IDR 5,000 = (IDR 20,000 + IDR 5,000) = IDR 25,000

If the shipping fee is IDR 11,500, then the total cost you need to pay is IDR 11,500 + IDR 25,000 = IDR 36,500.

Once you know all the estimated cost details, just add the packaging costs + shipping costs and insurance costs above to find out the total.

For example, from the example above, we can make a total as follows:

  • Laptop packaging costs: IDR 46,000.
  • Postage fee: Rp. 11,500.
  • Insurance: IDR 36,500.
  • Total: IDR 46,000 + IDR 11,500 + IDR 36,500 = IDR 94,000.

Well, above, we have thoroughly reviewed the wooden crate packing services at JNE along with the costs and how to calculate fees and insurance in full.

What do you think? Is the cost affordable enough? Seems like it tends to be expensive, but It is worth it Because. Because JNE uses quality wooden crates and offers the best security guarantee.

You can also file an insurance claim if something happens to your package. If the package does not arrive, file a complaint with JNE with the applicable procedures.

Common questions

To understand better, you can add information about JNE wooden crate packaging in the following FAQ section.

Wood packing services at JNE are available at all JNE stores, agents and branches across Indonesia. To use this service, go to the nearest JNE office.

  • Does SiCepat have a packing service?

There is. In addition to JNE, the SiCepat shipping service also provides wood packaging services. More information can be found in our previous article here.

  • How is the JN wood packaging insurance procedure?AND?

Prepare various documents such as the following:

  • proof of delivery accompanied by the original receipt number,
  • proof of receipt of insurance,
  • fill in the complaint form accompanied by an identity card,
  • Create product purchase invoices.

This is the information we may transmit about the services JNE wooden packaging. So far you understand, right?

To calculate the estimated cost of packaging and tracking JNE shipments, you can use the resources available on our website via the following link:

So, I hope this article is helpful. See you in our other articles. Thanks

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