Jim Edmonds makes dirty joke about kid using binoculars

Jim Edmonds Makes Dirty Joke About Kid Using Binoculars

The announcer from St. Louis Cardinals, Jim Edmonds, finds himself in high gear during games due to a broadcast style that doesn’t necessarily suit his entire fan base.

But on Tuesday night, it was a dirty joke that went viral across the web.

When broadcast cameras pointed to a boy using binoculars for the game, Jim Edmonds hinted that perhaps it was “something else” the young man was looking at.

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Jim Edmonds Makes Dirty Joke About Kid Using Binoculars

After Jim Edmonds’ remarks, a long, awkward pause took over the airwaves before the broadcast crew returned to regular programming.

Edmonds spent most of his career as a center fielder for the Cardinals, and is best known for making some of the most impressive receptions we’ve ever seen out there.

But maybe he should relax a little on broadcasts.

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