Jennifer Aniston talks about appearing in the latest episode of ‘Ellen’

Jennifer Aniston Talks About Appearing In The Latest Episode Of ‘Ellen’

Recently, Friends Star Jennifer Aniston shared all the feelings she felt when she visited the final episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The memorable TV appearance was certainly heartfelt when Aniston joined her friend. Guest in the final moments of the long-running daytime talk show.

“I still can’t understand the fact that this is it,” the Along came Pauly star talks about the emotional experience during a discussion with People.

“It won’t be there anymore,” Aniston continues of the popular daytime talk show. “Because it was so basic.”

Jennifer Aniston remembers the ‘bizarre’ and ‘sad’ experience she had during her appearance in the final episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Jennifer Aniston recalls some emotional moments during her discussion of the experience. The 53-year-old actress still recounts how she met the presenter backstage that day. Before her appearance at the end of the show. This, says the star, was an emotional and moving moment.

“We made sure to see each other beforehand,” recalls Jennifer Aniston, “so we could express that emotion.”

However, despite this pre-show connection, the murder mystery actress says, the whole experience continued to be surreal. And, she adds, it didn’t feel like the end of the long-running daytime talk show series.

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“It didn’t feel like the last show,” Aniston reports. “It was bizarre.”

O Friends Alumna Shares Very Meaningful Gift With Ellen Degeneres During Final Guest Appearance

While appearing as a guest on the final episode of Ellen DeGeneres’ finale, Jennifer Aniston surprised her friend with a very meaningful gift. A gift that has a lot of meaning, especially when remembering the premiere episode of the popular daytime talk show.

During his appearance on the premiere episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jennifer Aniston presented the presenter and comedian with a rug that had the word Welcome written on the front. To commemorate this memory in the show’s final episode, Aniston presented DeGeneres with a similar gift. Only this time, the rug had the words thanks for the memories printed on the front.

“Actually, I’m taking this home today,” Ellen DeGeneres tells Jennifer Aniston as she places her new doormat on the talk show stage.

Aniston’s praise The Ellen DeGeneres Show For being a source of “love and joy” for viewers

During her discussion with People, Jennifer Aniston says the long-running talk show had a big impact during her time on the air.

“Even though the world existed before Ellen and now will exist after, she was a source of entertainment, love, joy and laughter for people,” says the award-winning actress. “It’s sad.”

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