JAJ Studio Tips: Optimal Workspace Design

Jaj Studio Tips: Optimal Workspace Design

When the corona issue resurfaces in Indonesia, the government steps up several anticipations to stop its spread. Some of the things that have been done are the activation of the #StayAtHome campaign, where the Work from Home (WFH) and School from Home instructions are also applied. This has led to a new market trend to provide workspaces and study spaces that can boost productivity at home. It is not imaginable that many find it difficult because their homes do not have enough space to add workspace. So, you can consult house design services or house architect services to help maximize available space so that these goals are possible to achieve.

Tips For Designing An Ideal Workspace By Studio Jasa Architects Jakarta -Home Design Services At The Cost Of Best Home Architect Services In Indonesia
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Why do you need a home workspace design?

It is important to remember that it is psychologically good to be at home and there is no need to rush to school or work as in normal situations. However, this relaxed state could actually be the reason why you find it hard to concentrate. As a result, work and learning activities become ineffective and actually give you the opportunity to do other things besides the work you should be doing right now.

How to organize a work or study space that can increase enthusiasm to always be productive? Let’s look at tips for Jakarta Architect Service Studio to create a room that can support your focus while at home:

Determine a comfortable place to work and study

This can be the hardest thing considering you have limited space in your home. However, at the same time, you need to organize your work and study space as soon as possible. It is a wise decision to enlist the help of a home architect for home design services and provide smart ideas for better spatial planning. Building a modern, minimalist workspace is one of the most popular projects right now. The places of work and study are also personal, adapted to your needs.

Tips For Designing An Ideal Workspace By Studio Jasa Architects Jakarta -Home Design Services At The Cost Of Best Home Architect Services In Indonesia

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Take advantage of vacancies in certain spaces

When in doubt when choosing a place to work or study, you can take advantage of a dead corner that is still spacious to become a work area. With a smart, minimalist arrangement, you can turn dead corners into productive zones that help you complete tasks with more comfort and focus. Choosing a corner of the room as in the photo below is one of the right steps to maximize empty corners of the house that you may have never thought of before.

Tips For Designing An Ideal Workspace By Studio Jasa Architects Jakarta -Home Design Services At The Cost Of Best Home Architect Services In Indonesia

adjust lighting

Want a seat away from the window or near the window? This goes back to your preferences. However, it’s a good idea to take advantage of windows when you’re bored, as windows can distract your view and provide more inspiration. For neutrality, prioritize a naturally lit room with light that is not excessive. You can provide curtains to dim the light that enters your room so the atmosphere is still comfortable and not dazzling. You can also add a study lamp to provide more even light so your eyes don’t get tired easily.

Consider extra space storage

With a narrow space, documents and books will be more easily spread out. There’s nothing more irritating to see so many things on the table, right? By providing special storage, you can organize your belongings and work equipment so that the room also looks cleaner. You also no longer have the problem of losing documents and books because you know exactly where to put your belongings and equipment. Finding extra shelves or storage is also relatively easy, the price is also affordable. Some storage you might consider for example: bookshelves, atk locations and document racks.

Furniture for minimalist work and study design

Of course, you also need to invest in purchasing some supportive furniture such as comfortable tables and chairs. If you use the services of a residential architect, you can customize a study or work table and chair to suit your area. Try to have a desk design that is just the right size for writing and placing your office and study supplies. Also consider adding an area for extra storage.

Decor is also important!

It’s not about quantity, but usage. Sometimes you need a personal element that can excite your passion for work and study. Installing frames, attaching planning boards, ornamental plants, they are able to give the impression of life in a minimalist workspace design. So the workspace won’t be boring either. Also, also use neutral colors for your work and study space so that it is pleasing to the eye.

Do you need home design services or home architect services?

Jakarta Architect Services Studio with years of experience providing renovation, interior and exterior design services for homes, villas, apartments and guesthouses across Indonesia. Consult our architects now to design your ideal workspace via email [email protected] or 081 222 437 888 (whatsapp/call).

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