It’s supposed to be a Toy Story spin-off

It’s Supposed To Be A Toy Story Spin-Off

This Lightyear movie review tells you everything you need to know before watching the movie. Lightyear is fun while it lasts, but for the most part it’s disappointingly predictable. He doesn’t try to break out of the usual Disney pattern and go to new places.

The movie is mostly typical Pixar, but there are a few surprises and at least one memorable addition: a show-stealing robotic cat as the main character’s friend and will surely start a merchandising frenzy that could rival what happened after Toy Story dropped. in 1995.

Lightyear Movie Review: It’s Spin-Off From Toy Story

Lightyear is supposed to be a spin-off of Toy Story. It was directed by Angus MacLane, who also wrote the screenplay with Jason Headley. It doesn’t have much to do with the world Andy Davis lived in. A title card immediately tells us that Lightyear is a 1995 movie. It was in this movie that Andy met the arrogant space ranger and was given the astronaut toy for his birthday.

At the very least, a Pixar movie should have great computer animation. The voice cast is also as strong as ever. Chris Evans does a good enough job as Buzz Lightyear that we don’t miss Tim Allen. And the story is familiar enough that people will enjoy the hero and his friends’ adventures in space right away.

Lightyear isn’t really adding to a story that’s already been told. He creates his own world and adds a new cast of supporting characters. So the writers are free to let their imaginations run wild and not worry about little things like continuity and cross-references.

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Lightyear’s story is about a mission record

Buzz Lightyear’s personality traits, however, point to his stubbornness as the reason he often acts before thinking and getting into situations that turn against him.

The main way to tell the story is through a “mission log” that Buzz Lightyear keeps before, during, and after the important events of his quest to find a way out of the planet he is trapped on. This plot device gives the story a sense of being real and personal. Buzz Lightyear’s point of view is used, but it’s never too narrow because it includes a wide range of situations and needs.

But does that create a sci-fi ride that goes up and down and leaves you dizzy? Not really, but Lightyear has all the makings of a simple crowd pleaser if the people watching are Andy’s age, either in age or in spirit. There’s a lot of eye-popping action in the film, with spaceships, robots, and space guards doing cool stuff. There’s also a good amount of humor and some sad moments that tug at your heart.

Buzz Lightyear’s commander and best friend Alisha Hawthorne (voiced by Uzo Aduba) leaves a message for her always-absent partner, who watches long after her death. This is the most important part of the last plot point. Buzz missed many important events in Alisha’s life because he didn’t stop looking for hyperspace fuel for his spaceship, which will take him home.

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Buzz tries to test hyperspace fuel

Every time Buzz tries to test hyperspace fuel, four years pass on T’kana Prime. This is because of “time dilation”. That means he won’t be around when the planet and its people move forward in time and undergo major changes.

So, we have a classic Disney hero on our hands. He tries too hard and fails, but then he feels bad about what he’s done and wants to make things right. There are also two rookies who have something to prove and a crook whose past is as much about the past as it is about the future.

Lightyear starts on a planet that looks like it could be lived. It turns out that it is full of hostile life forms that can make survival very difficult, such as plants that can kill people and insects that are very aggressive.

Lightyear, Hawthorne and the new guy Featheringhanstan (Bill Hader) head back to their ship, but Buzz soon crashes into a rock as he tries to leave the planet. As of now, Captain Lightyear has his work cut out for him. He’s got the crew in a lot of trouble, so he has to save them. Your heroic actions are motivated more by desperation than well-thought-out plans, and they only lead to more trouble.

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The robot cat is in charge while others try to figure things out

Sox the robot cat steals the spotlight from everyone in Lightyear, sometimes even from Buzz. Sox was made to be Lightyear’s friend and sidekick. He is a great problem solver and a cute creature whose survival skills are put to the test in a very dangerous situation in space that will have the audience gasping in shock. But at all other times, the Sox is in charge while the others try to figure things out.

Alisha Hawthorne does a good job in the cause of diversity. She is black, and Izzy, her granddaughter, is also black. Even though the 2016 movie Hidden Figures showed the world that an African-American man or woman could be in space, this is not very common.

Lightyear also gives a same-sex kiss, which everyone already knows. Even if the lip lock is just a flash, it’s a huge step forward for Pixar and will go down in history. Another thing is that the movie itself, which is always interesting but a little dated in the way it tells its story, isn’t too different from the norm in most other respects.

While this Lightyear movie review doesn’t make us happy as fans of the movie, Lightyear is happy to stay within a short break. And this film doesn’t fly into exciting new frontiers because of that.

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