it’s as easy as finding your car with the app

It’s As Easy As Finding Your Car With The App


WhatsApp can help you find your parked car: just follow a few simple steps to remember where you left it.

Did you know that WhatsApp can remind you where you parked your car? This is a little-known feature of the app, but it can be very useful, especially for forgetful people who tend to leave your car parked in the city or in a parking lotand later they don’t remember its exact location.

In addition to sharing messages with family and friends, updating your status or making calls and video calls, Whatsapp It hides many other functions that are little known but really useful for all users who use the messaging service. One of them is the possibility of remember where you parked your car.

The Whatsapp Icon Next To Several Parked Cars.

WhatsApp can help you find your parked car.

Remember where you parked your car with WhatsApp

The process for remember where you parked Thanks to WhatsApp, nothing could be simpler. For this, we will use two of the most useful functions offered by the messaging app: the option to chat with yourself and the function that allows location sharing.

That said, the steps to remember where you parked your car using only WhatsApp, are as follows:

  1. First, open a WhatsApp conversation with yourself. To do this, simply type “” in your mobile search bar, replacing “number” with your number. For example:
  2. Once in the chat, tap the icon to attach files. From there, tap on “Location”.
  3. Once you are in the place where you parked the car -that is, before you leave the vehicle-, press “Send my current position”.
  4. To remember where you parked, open WhatsApp chat again and see the message with the location.

Whatsapp Can Remind You Where You Parked: It'S As Easy As Finding Your Car With The App

That is all. As you can see, this is an extremely simple process that anyone can do. You just need to make sure you’ve created a conversation with yourself – or are doing so for now – and have given location permissions to the app.

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