Is Zendaya really pregnant? Instagram hoax debunked

Is Zendaya Really Pregnant?  Instagram Hoax Debunked

Instagram users are claiming that Zendaya is pregnant and rumors are spreading around the internet, so is Zendaya really pregnant? We have gathered all the information about this pregnancy scam.

It is quite common for netizens to speculate about their favorite stars. From the beginning, netizens expressed concern about the personal lives of their favorite stars.

Recently, we were talking about netizens’ thoughts on Priyanka and Nick Jonas’ daughter, so they started talking about Ariana’s pregnancy, followed by Addison Rae and Emma Watson’s pregnancy rumors. To his surprise, these were all just rumors.

After several other pregnancy rumors, Zendaya’s pregnancy is now making internet headlines. The simple answer to whether Zendaya is really pregnant is: A BIG NO! But why do fans think Zendaya is pregnant? We’ve gathered it all here in this article.

Is Zendaya pregnant?

No, Zendaya is not pregnant; It’s just a speculation, yes a joke!

It all started when an Instagram pretending to be Zendaya’s official Instagram handle shared a story announcing Zendaya’s pregnancy with her boyfriend Tom Holland.

Some users opine that Zendaya and Tom announced their pregnancy in an alleged Instagram post. However, this is not true.

Several users created TikToks from this fake Instagram post, taking this pregnancy hoax to a whole new level. Although it’s just a joke, several unsuspecting Instagram users fell for it.

Fake TikToks are even showing an ultrasound of a fetus alongside captions revealing that Zendaya is pregnant with Tom’s child.

Zendaya fans who haven’t watched the full videos have fallen for the prank TikTok users call ‘Krissed’.

If you wait patiently until the end of the video, you’ll see you’re being Krissed. And of ‘Krissed’, netizens want to say ‘You fell for the prank’.

Why do fans think Zendaya is pregnant?

Alongside TikTok, a viral thread on Twitter also claims that the actress is pregnant and has tricked several users. Here’s how unsuspecting Twitter users responded to this pregnancy rumor:

One user wrote: “Streets are saying Zendaya is pregnant. Fuck, I’m not even over Rihanna having a baby.”

Another user said: “Plot twist: Zendaya is pregnant in Euphoria season 2.”

One user who totally fell for this prank said: “If Zendaya is pregnant, then I’m happy for her.”

Several of Zendaya’s fans came to believe the rumor without investigating the news’s legitimacy.

As you watch the viral videos towards the end, you’ll see a clip of Kris Jenner dancing to the Lady Marmalade song, making it obvious that you’ve hooked up with Krissed.

Now, for users who have no idea what ‘Krissed’ is, it’s a trend aimed at playing pranks on your friends. It involves users sharing a rumor with their friends and making them believe. Once your friends get interested in the discussion, you have to say ‘You got Krissed’. It means that you have successfully pranked them.

Zendaya’s pregnancy is just another prank netizens are playing with their fans. To her surprise, several fans trusted this rumor and even extended their wishes to the actress. But the truth is, Zendaya isn’t pregnant, it’s just an internet hoax.

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the bottom line

This was all about whether or not Zendaya is pregnant. Hope we can provide you with all the details you were looking for.

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