Is Malaysia Youth Council election invalid?

Is Malaysia Youth Council Election Invalid?

The 71st Malaysia Youth Council Election is Faulty

On 03.06.2022, the 71st Annual General Assembly of the Youth Council of Malaysia (“MPAT MBM”) was held which, among others, aimed to vote and appoint a new MPAT MBM committee (“Election MBM”).

I would like to publicly inform my media partners and the general public that there is a reasonable belief that the MBM election was faulty and not in accordance with the MBM Constitution.

I would like to state that the MBM is a body affiliated with national youth organizations. This coalition consists of national youth organizations that are accepted as MBM Council Members in accordance with Clause VI(1)(b) of the MBM Constitution, State Youth Councils, as well as associate members consisting of national youth bodies other than the National Youth Organization they have registered and statutory.

I would like to draw everyone’s attention that, according to Clause VII (7) of the MBM Constitution, affiliated bodies that do not pay fees, AS WELL as associated members, ARE NOT ALLOWED and ARE NOT RIGHT to vote in the Elections of the MBM.

However, what happened during the MBM election, I believe there are delegates who are associate members who voted to elect the new MBM MPAT. Of course this is a clear violation of Clause VI (2) of the MBM Constitution (“Violation of the MBM Constitution”).

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This violation of the MBM Constitution, of course, made the MBM election flawed and invalid. If this issue is not corrected, I believe that newly elected MBM MPATs do not have a legitimate source of authority to fulfill their responsibilities.

As a member of the MBM who wants this matter corrected, I have appointed an attorney to ensure that appropriate legal action is taken. I have already instructed my attorney to write a letter dated 10.3.2022 to the Registrar of Youth Organizations (“ROY”) to complain about the violation of the MBM Constitution and require the ROY to confirm the MBM election status.

However, on 3.16.2022, I was informed by ROY that ROY is still awaiting the MBM Information to Provide (“MYKD”) which must be submitted within 60 days from the date of its annual shareholders’ meeting.

I also instructed my attorney to write a letter to the President of the Youth Council of Perak on 3.23.2022, in which I also demanded some clarification from him as Chair of the Accreditation Committee of the 71st MBM MPAT (“President of Accreditation”). My claims are-
(a) an explanation of whether the Chairperson of the Commission has authorized members and delegates to vote in the MBM MPAT in accordance with the MBM Constitution;

(b) an explanation of whether the President of Tauliah allowed uniformed bodies that are not Affiliates of the MBM to vote during the MBM Election; and

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(c) if (b) the above is permitted, an explanation of which provision of the Constitution is used by the President of Tauliah to carry out such a matter.

I also informed ROY through my attorney on 4.14.2022 that the Chairperson of the Commission has already admitted that there was an error where representatives of uniformed bodies were allowed to vote in MBM elections ALTHOUGH the matter is not allowed by the MBM Constitution.

In this regard, I have asked the ROY to exercise its powers under Section 5 and Section 103(b) of the Youth Organizations and Youth Development Act 2007 to conduct a thorough investigation into the MBM Election that violated the MBM Constitution. I also urged ROY to prevent MBM from carrying out any activities and any financial transactions until this investigation is completed.

However, ROY stated on 4.28.2022 that it still requires MBM to provide MYKD without clear instructions on further ROY actions.

I would like to emphatically state that the 60 day period for MBM to deliver MYKD to ROY expired on 05/06/2022. However, to this day, ROY has yet to take any action regarding the MBM election, despite a clear admission that the MBM Constitution has been violated.

I would like to publicly demand that ROY conduct a full investigation immediately and ensure that the MBM is suspended from exercising any powers as long as the investigation remains unresolved.

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If ROY chooses to remain silent after this statement, I would like to require that a new election be made within 14 days of the date of my statement.


Ahmad Nazrin Bin Abdul Aziz
vice president 1
Perlis State Youth Council

Source: Facebook

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