Is Jenna Ellis testifying at the January 6th hearing? Subpoena for Trump’s Former Lawyer Issued | TG time

Is Jenna Ellis Testifying At The January 6Th Hearing?  Subpoena For Trump’s Former Lawyer Issued |  Tg Time

Jenna Ellis, a Longmont resident who served as legal advisor to former President Donald Trump, is facing an impeachment effort in Colorado for her part in trying to disrupt the fallout from the official 2020 political race.

The United States Democracy Center, a bipartisan watchdog group, documented an objection against Ellis with the Colorado Supreme Court Attorney’s Regulatory Board on Thursday, citing an examination of whether she has penetrated her moral commitments as a lawyer.

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Jenna is a legal advisor who recently dealt with Donald Trump’s legit group. She was a former fellow professor of legal studies at Colorado Christian University and a former chief prosecutor in Weld County, Colorado.

Is Jenna Ellis testifying? Jenna Ellis has joined the mission of Chief Representative of Pennsylvania Republican Doug Mastiano as a Senior Legal Specialist. She was one of the most prominent lawyers associated with the Trump group’s efforts to reverse the results of the 2020 political race.

Mastriano’s mission did not respond to concerns regarding Ellis’ membership, and Ellis declined to comment further.

Ellis’ arrangement came on the same day that a legislative board of trustees exploring the January 6 attack heard a public statement focusing on false accusations of racial extortion by Giuliani and others.

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According to Reuters, observers at Monday’s (June 13) meeting included former Attorney General William Barr and other top Trump officials who prevented the cases from being extorted. The board of directors summoned Ellis, despite the fact that it is hazy whether she will assert at later meetings.

About Ex-Husband David Rives – Who is he? David Rives was the better half of Jenna Ellis. Rives is the pioneer behind Moon River Publishing and a deeply taught creator, expert and moderator in the United States. The couple attended in April 2019 after a long time of dating – and got married a few months after the fact. Sadly, the couple broke up in 2020.

David Rives, a Trump ally, reports on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s weekly show, Creation In The Twenty-First Century (TBN). Rives, who is believed to be in his 40s, is also a creator, narrative producer, Christian radio personality and speaker.

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He is the pioneer behind David Rives Ministries. As indicated by his website, he has dedicated his life to examining, revealing and sharing…all while declaring God’s magnificence through a logical request.

For audiences of any age, its compelling and compelling transportation makes discovering biblical history and science engaging and simple. TBN communicates its week-by-week TV show “Creation in the 21st Century” to millions across the planet.

What is Jenna Ellis Net Worth? As an established regulatory attorney, she makes money. In her long profession, she started out as a legitimate representative and gradually became one of the most eminent lawyers and speakers.

Her main type of income is certainly her work as a lawyer and lawyer. Your total assets could be in the vicinity of $1.5 million.

Ellis won raves while working for Trump’s mission and currently adds to the far-right website Newsmax.

After the 2020 political race, her popularity soared significantly higher as she loudly and reliably confirmed Trump’s remarks, raising some serious questions about the outcome of the political decision and blaming Democrats for unproven criminal plays.

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