Is GreenSolar Money Maker Safe or Scam?

Is Greensolar Money Maker Safe Or Scam?

GreenSolar Money-Making – Every profitable app always has a starter lure which is used to attract new users to join them.

Be the lure of the easy money earning mission, get a bonus balance of IDR 100,000, IDR 600,000, IDR 200,000 or IDR 500,000.

All the attraction I mentioned is real. There are applications that make money like this, an example is GreenSolar, which gives the bait that those who register can earn a bonus balance of IDR 100,000.

Review of the app to earn money GreenSolar

It is a profitable application of the investment system, in the form of renting solar energy equipment.

Your job is to buy the equipment, then run the tool, so you can earn a daily income according to the amount offered.

It can be played for free with a daily income of IDR 2,500. If you deposit, the daily income can be even higher.

The app is said to be similar to Ivans and MySolar.

How to register the profitable GreenSolar app

  1. Access this link:
  2. Then register by entering your mobile number and password
  3. List

How to make money on the GreenSolar Money Making App

There are at least 2 ways to earn money, namely by inviting friends and using solar energy equipment.

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For free users, just claim the free tools they provide. That way, you can earn IDR 2,500 per day for free without doing anything.

Because the system is like investing and mining, so your job is just that. Done.

How to withdraw money from the GreenSolar Money Making app

Observation! IDR 100,000 (registration bonus) cannot be withdrawn. It’s experience money, it can only be used for in-app equipment purchases.

Therefore, the money you can shell out is just investment money in purchasing solar energy equipment.

  1. To withdraw money, go to your profile menu
  2. Select ‘Withdraw’
  3. Select payment method, enter account number and withdrawal amount (Rp 100,000)
  4. Then confirm the payment

Is the GreenSolar money making app a scam?

From the above description, we can conclude that:

  1. Apps can be played for free
  2. No deposit required
  3. Minimum daily income IDR 2,500
  4. Minimum withdrawal Rp 100,000
  5. easy mission

At first glance, it seems profitable, but the problem is whether it pays? Or can the GreenSolar app last a long time?

The problem is that there used to be the same app, it went viral, it was called MySolar, but the app suddenly disappeared and several victims were ensnared.

Apps like this are prone to scams, people might be tempted to take advantage of a free account with an income of Rp. 2,500. But see the specified minimum withdrawal. It is IDR 100,000.

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The difference is very big. To earn Rp. 100,000, we need about 40 days to earn Rp. 2,500.

The question is, will this app still exist after 40 days? Or even more worryingly, does GreenSolar pay?

There is no easy way to make money. IDR 2,500 a day is really small, but for app founders, giving IDR 2,500 for free with nothing in return is a downside.

So it’s better to disappear or cheat than for them to lose, right? You deserve to be a victim of fraud because they live with that mindset.

In addition, the application is not safe, there is no OJK protection, the application is illegal, there is a risk of using the gambling system for money and fraud.

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