Introducing a JAJ Studio-style Home Sports Room

Introducing A Jaj Studio-Style Home Sports Room

You have free and free space at home and you are confused about how to organize it? JJakarta Architect Services Studio has the right tips to create a healthy zone for those who want to sweat while #DIRUMAHSAJA.

The simplest way to maintain the body’s immunity is to take care of our mental health. This has become difficult to achieve under the pressure of the pandemic. In addition, we can only lock ourselves at home and avoid social activities outside the home with friends and dear relatives.

Being too excited about stress will have an impact on the condition of the body, which makes it more susceptible to disease. Of course, we don’t want to get sick in a precarious situation like now. In addition to the high cost, we know that there are alternative activities that are not only healthy for the body, but also help us stay happy. Exercising in the comfort of home can feel like a professional fitness center with reliable home design services. Check out more tips on designing a healthy space in the style of Jakarta Architect Service Studio below.


Exercising with the family at home is a fun and positive activity. Also, nowadays you can easily find various platforms and fun exercise tutorials on the internet. Before the pandemic, you and your family might be very relaxed and not be able to consistently manage time to exercise. With circumstances that require you and your family to stay home, you can start to find opportunities to start a healthy life. Even when the situation seems tedious or your mood isn’t perfect, exercise can help you as a means of releasing the burden. By allowing more oxygen into our heads, thoughts become clearer and life’s problems seem lighter.

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Take a look! What fitness elements can you introduce when you want to design a sports room with your home design services or the services of your architect?


Many indoor sports enthusiasts switch to gyms because they can use more complete facilities with more targeted training from personal trainers. Realizing the feeling of a home gym is not difficult. Free or premium sports-based apps, on average, give us access to maintain exercise patterns with a virtual personal trainer. Generally, fitness apps are also complete with a diet recommendation feature to achieve our goals. The design of various software that we can download via smartphones also facilitates sports activities even at home.

To build a gym area, first consider the location you want to use. Make sure the location not only provides free space to place your yoga mat, but also to place the gym equipment you want (small, medium and large). Designing a special gym area with the services of a residential architect is the right solution for those who want a healthy area with an aesthetic, elegant, sustainable appearance that always feels at home.


With limited space at home, you may be at your limit where you can exercise comfortably. Spots in your bedroom, TV room, backyard, terrace, etc. can be used. You just need to make an estimate of where the area we can use to lay out the mat, especially the main yoga, doesn’t need a lot of space to move around. Unlike cardio-type exercise with fitness equipment such as a treadmill, you can place the equipment in a separate room from your yoga area. The goal we want to achieve is to make the exercise room not feel cramped and cramped.

Bring A Sports Room Home With Their Home Design Services - Tips From Studio Jasa Architect Jakarta - Best Architect Service Rates In Indonesia


Swimming in hot weather while exercising is a lot of fun to do together or alone. Water that has a calming effect is often a popular means of therapy. However, there are several considerations for building a swimming pool that you can discover here. It will be easier for your house design services or architect services to provide space for a swimming pool when building a new house. Even if you need to remodel your home to create a new pool space, empowering home design services is a wise thing you can do.

Bring A Sports Room Home With Their Home Design Services - Tips From Studio Jasa Architect Jakarta - Best Architect Service Rates In Indonesia


It is common knowledge that sports that increase muscle strength require means of loading, such as bars and dumbbells of varying weights. If your special gym area has been completed, it would be best if you customize a special rack to store your strength equipment so the room still looks tidy. In addition, you can also add some decorations, such as a full-size mirror, a special non-slip mat, stick some fitness motivational slogans, a table or shelf to place music speakers, and a storage area for wet clothes and towels. after exercising in the bedroom.

Bring A Sports Room Home With Their Home Design Services - Tips From Studio Jasa Architect Jakarta - Best Architect Service Rates In Indonesia


Easy idea to bring a healthy sweat zone home, right? Do you need home design services or architect services for building a professional personal fitness room? Contact Jakarta Architect Service Studio via email [email protected] or 081 222 437 888 (whatsapp/call).

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