Internet going down? Too many services stopped, 500 error message visible

Internet Going Down?  Too Many Services Stopped, 500 Error Message Visible

Popular Content Delivery Network (CDN) cloudflare is experiencing an outage. Due to this outage, the service of sites like Zerodha, Groww, Upstox, Omegle and Discord is affected. Many users are complaining about the service shutdown and the company is working to fix it.

Due to the shutdown of the Cloudflare service, many users see the message of 500 internal server errors. This happens when there is a problem with a web service.

Due to a service issue on this content delivery network, users cannot access many sites like, Zerodha, Groww, Upstox and Discord.

Why do websites not work?

The company said: ‘A 500 error is visible due to Cloudflare sites crashing in the affected region. Due to this incident, our network’s data plan service has been affected.

All of these sites run on the Cloudflare network infrastructure. The company says it is investigating the case. Cloudflare reported that the issue has been discovered and is being fixed.

The service was stopped earlier.

Websites or apps affected due to this outage have also informed their users about the start of the service soon. This is the second case in the last week that a Cloudflare outage has been observed.

Previously, the outage was limited to the Indian region, due to which many users found it difficult to use various services. Popular services like Shopify, Udemy, Zerodha, Canva, Discord, and Acko Insurance work on Cloudflare.

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Your users are experiencing issues. Cloudflare has not yet clearly explained the reason for the issue. After stopping for a few hours, the service of these apps was activated.

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