Instagram June 2022: Instagram Explore Page Resets For Some Users
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Instagram June 2022: Instagram Explore Page Resets For Some Users

Below on this page, we will explore the new issues that many INSTAGRAM users are experiencing after reports flooded online that Instagram is down.

This complaint was posted on Twitter today, June 20th, and we saw a large number of users complaining about the exploit page that started resetting without any warning.

This is one more platform error just all the others that also happen monthly or weekly and the explore page that helps many to see the best recommended posts based on the content they have seen is very important to them.

Many complain that the Instagram explore page has completely changed while many others also claimed that it was nature photos and videos that seemed to pop up.

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Many users are furious and complain about the issue online, while INSTAGRAM has yet to comment on the issue, but I bet they are working on it as we believe this is a bug in the app as many are seeing the same images and videos.

Upon checking too, this is not the first time users experience this issue as also in August 2021, people noticed that their explore page was full of posts about nature.

So at this point we just have to wait and hope it gets resolved soon.

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