Insider (2022) Episode 4 Indonesian Legend

Insider (2022) Episode 4 Indonesian Legend

Insider (2022) Episode 4 Indonesian Legend

Synopsis Synopsis:

is an action-thriller drama about Kim Yo Han (played by Kang Ha Neul), a judicial intern who goes through a crisis while undercover for the investigation of a corrupt prosecutor and ends up struggling to get the card that will change his fate. While in prison, Kim Yo Han begins plotting revenge for the betrayal he suffered.

Meanwhile, Lee Yoo Young will join the drama as Oh Soo Yeon, an underground businesswoman. He was a figure who greatly influenced the business with connections and money. Realizing Kim Yo Han’s extraordinary aspect, Oh Soo Yeon makes an offer to help the man achieve his goal.

Meanwhile, Heo Sung Tae will show his transformation into a corrupt prosecutor, Yoon Byung Wook. As the power of the prosecutor’s office, Yoon Byung Wook will directly fight Kim Yo Han and Oh Soo Yeon.

Yoon Byung Wook was the youngest candidate to pass the Order’s exam, so he wanted success from the start. Since then, he has covered up various businessmen’s financial crimes and racked up his own share of the effort.

While hunting an opponent, he sees the hidden “bomb” that is Kim Yo Han and embarks on a personal mission to get rid of him. “The world that Kim Yo Han bravely entered was not a world of justice, but a world of cruelty governed by the logic of power.

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Please look forward to how this man with a secret identity and hidden intentions will desperately fight to change his fate,” the drama’s production staff said, as quoted by Soompi. They added, “Viewers will be able to witness Kang Ha’s true worth. Neul, which elaborately expresses Kim Yo Han’s dynamic narrative.”


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