Indonesia HD Viral Local Bokeh Videos and How to Open It

Indonesia Hd Viral Local Bokeh Videos And How To Open It

Videos Viral Indonesia HD Spot Bokeh and How to Open It || Downloading videos from social media is not complete if the quality is not good.

This inspired many people to turn the video into a local Indonesian bokeh video that has nice and interesting effects.

That same bokeh effect is easier to create with a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

But if you don’t have both types of cameras, don’t worry as the following apps can help you create videos with these amazing effects.

About Indonesian local bokeh videos

Before moving on to the list of apps, here we introduce bokeh videos first. The bokeh video in question here is a video with a bokeh effect.

This same bokeh effect is often seen on a more blurred background than an in-focus subject.

Although blurred, this effect enhances the video’s aesthetic. You can make it easier if you use a quality camera. Even mid-range smartphones can now do this.

List of Indonesia local bokeh video apps

However, if your device isn’t good enough to make good bokeh videos, you can still do it using the following apps:



Kinemaster is a mobile video editing app that is widely used today. This is indicated by the high number of downloads and ratings on the Google Play Store. No wonder considering that this app has all the features.

The user interface is easy to understand, so those who don’t know about video editing can find their way around it faster. Of course, here you can turn your video into bokeh using various personal techniques.

Don’t worry, you can’t study. Because with such a large community, it’s easy to find tutorials on Youtube or other platforms. To get it, just access the link below:




Quik offers fast video editing features. Because almost every aspect of this app is automated. You just need to enter everything you need, for example. B. Bokeh video template, music or video cut into parts to be combined with other videos.

With Quik, you can save your edited videos in resolutions up to 1080p. Enough functionality for a free app. In addition, you can also easily share them directly on social networks.

Quik also offers many templates that you can use directly in your videos. This template is free and very attractive. Choose the one that suits you. Here is the link to download Quik:


Energy Director


Have you ever imagined a video editing app that makes it easy for users to use effects? You can get it in this app called Power Director.

Please note that Power Director is a paid application. So, if you want to enjoy Power Director, you need to buy the premium version.

However, it’s worth it because Power Director is powerful enough to edit videos.

Including making local Indonesian bokeh videos. You can easily apply effects to enhance your video.

Pre-made, free and paid effects templates are also available here. Here is the Power Director download link:




As the name suggests, Magisto is a video editing app that seems to be able to add magic to the edited video. Because one of the advantages of this application is the presence of AI technology or artificial intelligence placed in it.

This same technology is used to analyze edited videos to improve them. The effect has also become more subtle.

You can produce bokeh videos with smoother cuts than you would have to choose. Here is the download link for Magisto:


Adobe Premiere clip

Adobe Premiere Clip
Adobe Premiere clip

If you want to use a more professional app to make Indonesian local bokeh videos, you will need Adobe Premiere Clip. As the name suggests, this app is a mobile version of Adobe Premiere Pro software on PC.

Of course, the PC version of Adobe Premiere Pro itself is well known and widely used by top video editing professionals. Now you can listen to it on your phone.

Although widely used by experts, Adobe Premiere Clip application has simplified features. This, of course, corresponds to the publishing platform, which is mobile. To use it, you must first download it from the link below:




With Funimate, you can feel the feeling of making bokeh videos more pleasant. Because the interface of this app is quite refreshing for the eyes with bright and colorful color themes. Funimate offers many effect and sticker templates that you can use to edit your videos.

Including those who want to decorate their bokeh videos better, you can use the tools provided by this editing app. Funimate is free and you just need to download it from the link below:




Indonesia’s next local bokeh video editing app is VivaVideo. You must have heard this name many times on Instagram, Tiktok or Youtube. Because this app is used a lot to edit videos that are shared on social networks.

VivaVideo’s large number of users is not a coincidence. It is easy to use and the features are easy to learn, which is why many people choose this video editing app.

However, if you use the free version of VivaVideo, the edited video will have a watermark. If you want to get rid of it, you have to buy the premium version. Here is a link you can use to download VivaVideo:


Tips for making Bokeh videos

There are many apps you can use to edit videos. But specifically for editing bokeh videos, it is recommended to use a fully customized app. Somehow, user can freely manage the edited video.

Because converting video to bokeh requires quite a complicated option. That’s why you should use the Selection Tool feature, which is usually only available in advanced video editing applications like Adobe After Effects.

However, this does not need to be done if the application already has an intelligent system in the form of artificial intelligence, so that it can identify the parts that need to be blurred as a target object.

Making local Indonesian bokeh videos is quite tricky, especially if you are not used to editing videos. But don’t worry because the features and tools available in the above app will help you to produce high quality bokeh videos.

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