Indonesia can’t take home the cup

Indonesia Can’t Take Home The Cup

Indonesia Can'T Take Home The Cup

FFWS 2022 Finals Results: Indonesia failed to bring home the Cup, the struggle of Evos Divine and also ECHO Esports to bring home the FFWS trophy had to fail again. After qualifying so convincingly in the play-in round, ECHO Esports seems to have lost its fangs.

The children of Evos Divine also experienced a similar fate. After appearing quite convincingly at the FFIM 2022 event. Appearing with a new squad along with Bion and also Abaxx has become a lethal weapon for Evos Divine.

It is hoped that the greatness of the two Indonesian representative teams will manage to bring the FFWS trophy back to their homeland. Carrying out a rather heavy mission, in fact, both Evos Divine and ECHO Esports failed to break the Thai team’s dominance.

FFWS 2022 Finals Results: Indonesia fails to take home the cup, Thailand’s domination continues!

The mission to break the Thai team’s chain of domination became a separate mission for Indonesian troops. In the previous year’s FFWS, a team from Thailand managed to dominate the world-class Free Fire tournament by sending Evos Phoenix as champion.

The performances of Evos Divine and ECHO Esports were very good, but the two representative Indonesia teams were still unable to secure Booyah. The first game belongs to Vivo Keyd after fighting Attack All Around in the final circle.

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The ferocity of the Thai duo was evident in the second game, Evos Phoenix and Attack All Around looking so vicious. The two teams from Thailand continued to jostle each other until the end zone, and placed Evos TH as the winner.

Not enough Booyah once, in the third game Evos Phoenix went crazy again by successfully securing Booyah back to back. Despite this, the Attack All Around team showed a pretty consistent game.

In the fourth game, representatives of Indonesia, Evos Divine and ECHO Esports are expected to gain strength. However, unfortunately, the game control game still belongs to the Thailand team, Attack All Around managed to secure their Booyah this time around.

The fifth game can be considered the hope of resurrection of Evos Divine, MR05 managed to get several points of elimination. In the fifth game, Evos Divine managed to advance to the final stage of the game, but again Booyah fell into the hands of Vasto Mundo.

Champion Evos Phoenix’s back-to-back mission had to be thwarted in the final game after they were swept into 11th place without taking a single point. This result was successfully used as much as possible by Attack All Around in taking the throne.

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Successfully finishing with promising points is enough for Attack All Around to secure the FFWS 2022 title. They are one point ahead of Team Evos Phoenix. In 2022 it still belongs to Thailand, we hope that next year Indonesia can bring the FFWS trophy back to Indonesia.

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