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Chapter 2488

Is Gaul pregnant?

Suzi was shocked when she heard the news.

She was speechless for a long time.

Galia has always rejected pregnancy, and only recently she was willing to have children and was pregnant with twins.

What a delicious thing that must be?

But now, Galia doesn’t know where to go.

“She’s pregnant, why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Suzi grabbed the doctor and stared at him with scarlet eyes.

The doctor reluctantly said, “I wanted to say this yesterday. When I opened my mouth, the patient woke up. You were all in a hurry to talk to the patient, and my words were cut short.

Suzi suddenly remembered.

Yesterday, the doctor really wanted to tell her something, but she was interrupted before she could finish speaking.

What’s the point of blaming the doctor now?

They are only responsible for treating illness and saving people, and will not participate in their family’s grievances. Suzi immediately let go, sighed, and sincerely apologized, “I’m sorry.” O

the doctor didn’t blame Suzi, but nodded and left.

Suzi took Galia’s pregnancy test form and called Arron several times to inform the people of Arron that they should strengthen their search by any corner, not even an anthill.

However, Galia seemed to have evaporated from the world. Even though Suzi, Arron and Darius searched the city for seven days, they couldn’t find Galia.

Galia is alive or dead, so there is no news.

For seven days, Galia’s parents didn’t know what happened to Galia, Yan Weimin’s father also called Darius, and each time he gently said to Darius, “Azhen, you have a lot of things a while ago, let’s take a moment . It is really hard for you to go through so many stumbles and stumbles. Now that it’s all over, you two can have fun outside.

Don’t be in a hurry to go back.

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Ah Zhen, you have to accompany him well. Follow Galia, my daughter has been pampered by us since she was a child. She never suffered, so you have to be more tolerant of her.

Protect her more.”

From Yan’s father’s tone, it was obvious that he didn’t know that Galia was missing. .

Darius didn’t dare tell his father-in-law.

Even Suzi, like Darius, tacitly kept Dad Yan’s secret.

However, within a few days, Darius’ entire body was thin and out of shape, his beard had also grown and his face was sloppy, but he didn’t care at all.

After the seventh day of unsuccessfully searching for Galia, Suzi knocked on Darius’ door, and she discovered that Darius was disheveled, even with one foot in socks and the other bare.

He wasn’t even wearing shoes, so he came to open the door for Suzi.

At first, Suzi was surprised at his lack of scruples, and when he walked through the door, Suzi smelled polluted air.

It smells of wine and a faint smell of stinky socks.

Only then did Suzi realize that it wasn’t because Darius was careless enough to wear socks on one foot and nothing on the other, but that he probably hadn’t taken off the clothes he was wearing yesterday and started drinking when he got back. Right now.

Suzi’s eyes suddenly turned red.

Definitely not fake.

“A Zhen!” Suzi shouted out loud, “You can’t be that decadent, A Zhen!”

Darius gave Suzi a sad look, and even the strength to speak seemed to have been lost:

me living alone? What am I still doing?

Why is Galia so cruel, so pregnant with my child and leaving me?

How can I live?

Suzi How can you tell me to live?”

Having said that, Darius burst into tears.

A big man, Darius, the fourth young master of the Shu family, who was always so polite, wept in front of Suzi with a broken heart, and the moan was extremely sad.

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Chapter 2489

it made Suzi burst into tears at the sound of it.

Suzi cried and said to Darius, “Azhen, what’s the situation? A moment before Galia was knocked down that day, the person in the car she saw was actually you.

If she didn’t see it with her own eyes, it was you. If she hit her with a car, she wouldn’t be so badly injured, pregnant with a child, but she would suddenly disappear.

In recent days, the news from Shaoqin’s subordinates in every corner of the city is that no suspicious person has been found. Galia was held hostage, meaning that Galia escaped from the hospital.

She didn’t want to see you and was so heartbroken that she didn’t even notify her parents.

You can’t imagine that this sudden change was the most beloved The feeling of your man being sentenced to death makes your life worse than death, you know Ming Zhen.”

“Suzi!” Darius suddenly grabbed Suzi’s arm, “You tell me Suzi, you tell me, Galia… …Galia, will she be dead?”

Suzi’s heart also suddenly sank.

Does Galia want them?

Otherwise, why can’t I meet her for seven days?

However, after thinking about it, she comforted herself and Darius: “No! No Mingzhen, no! If Galia really died, you and Shaoqin would be in this city. With all the searching efforts, Galia’s body must be found.

But we haven’t found anything yet, have we?”

Darius grabbed his hair with both hands and yelled hysterically, “Galia, where are you Galia! Gaul? …”

Suzi patted Darius on the back and said in a calm tone, “Mingzhen, the most urgent thing is now, we have to find the reason, maybe after we find the reason, we can find Galia.

What happened to you in that car? “

This is an intractable mystery.

Galia saw Darius with her own eyes.

And all of Darius’ behavior didn’t seem like that person was him. Inside

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this, there must be something strange.

Darius raised his bleary, tearful eyes and looked at Galia: “Galia, I don’t know who this person is, but it must not be me, I’m in Hong Kong, I can get video evidence of my presence in Hong Kong, and there are witnesses, like could that person be me?

I love Galia so much, as could be possible for me!

Evidence of my absence from the scene can be withdrawn immediately!


Suzi’s eyes lit up. Is it over there

he suddenly remembered one word: evidence.

Yes, evidence.

In today’s society, most so-called evidence is iron evidence, ie surveillance video.

The section of road that reached Galia, Suzi watched After passing, it is not a remote section, there must be surveillance video.

Suzi immediately took out her cell phone and called Arron: “Shaoqin, I suddenly thought of something, this is the stretch of road that reached Galia, there must be surveillance, you find a way to get rid of surveillance, we zoom in, find someone for technical review and make sure you see who that person is.

I’m sure that person must not be Ming Zhen!

Definitely not! As soon as

As she finished speaking, Arron said, “Suzi, I’m outside Mingzhen’s room and I have the surveillance video. you open the door for me. “

Suzi immediately opened the door.

Darius was also excited from decay to full of energy, he grabbed Arron’s arm: “Fourth Brother Fu, where’s the video, show me?”

Arron shook his head regretfully, “Mingzhen, in the video, it’s really you… …”

Darius immediately yelled brusquely, “Impossible! I want to see and believe!”

When Arron showed Darius the surveillance video, Darius was stunned too.

The man sitting in the car that hit Galia wasn’t Darius, but who was he?

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