iFlix Apk Download Best Places to Watch Movies Online Streaming 2020

Iflix Apk Download Best Places To Watch Movies Online Streaming 2020

Download iFlix Apk Where to Watch Latest Best Movies 2020 – There are many apps that you can use as a means of entertainment, like listening to music, watching video movies, etc.

To watch movies, iFlix is ​​the app we recommend. This app is very extraordinary with a mix of attractive designs and quite complete features.

What is iFlix Apk?

Iflix is ​​an application that provides video streaming services for movies and television shows over the Internet. Iflix is ​​Asia’s largest Internet TV service.

Initially Iflix originated from Malaysia but now its services can be enjoyed in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and of course Indonesia.

Iflix has been around since 2014, but people in Indonesia only discovered it in late 2015.

The types of content provided in Iflix are very diverse. From TV series, box office movies to special events for kids.

TV shows iFlix apk

Apk Iflix
iFlix Apk Download Best Places to Watch Movies Online Streaming 2020 iflix apk

The television series provided by Iflix is ​​quite diverse ranging from Drama, Comedy, Anime, Documentary, Lifestyle, Reality Show and Korean Drama are also here.


For movies, Iflix features various genres ranging from Drama, Comedy, Action, Horror, Romance, Indonesian, Chinese, Thriller, Kids and Sci-fi.

Almost all movies are interesting but for the latest Iflix movie release it has not been provided.

The weakness of the Iflix movies section is the unavailability of Indonesian subtitles in some movies.

Most Indonesians do not understand English, so an Indonesian translation is needed for a provider like Iflix.

children’s movies

Especially for children, Iflix offers a variety of interesting designs. Iflix also offers special movies for kids in the preschool favorites section.

Download iFlix Apk

Name iFlix apk
version v 3.29.0-17109
System Android 4.0+
Size 23 MB
Update 2020

To watch series, movies and others, download iFlix Apk by clicking the button below:

How to install iFlix Apk

  • Download the app’s APK file via the button above.
  • You must allow your device to install the APK file. To do this, go to Settings -> Security -> Unknown sourcesand click to activate it.
  • Now you can install the app as usual.
  • Done.

Other applications:


Overall, this service is very good when used. Access websites quickly and easily.

Unfortunately I encountered problems several times when I wanted to watch iflix videos, problems like “Well, it’s a shame…” and “This video was not found or has not been published”.

But this is not always the case, we can still enjoy its services and features.

benefits :

  • Stream movies with absolutely no ads.
  • Quick access to the website and streaming.
  • The movies are many and exciting.
  • Full video type options.
  • The video resolution is quite high.
  • Can save offline.
  • There is already a representative office in Indonesia.
  • Customer Service responds and speaks Indonesian.


  • This movie is not up to date.
  • Movies are often not found.
  • Indonesian subtitles are not available for some videos.
  • The TV series episodes are incomplete in some titles.

That is the discussion about iFlix Apk Download the best movies to watch. It might be useful.

Common questions

Can you watch Ilix offline?

No problems! Now you can keep watching iflix even when you are offline with the ‘Download and Watch Offline’ feature (only available in the iflix Android app for phones/tablets)! Here’s how: Make sure you’re connected to the Internet.

Does the featured TV series have full episodes?

I’m one of those people who really enjoy watching television series. Good to see Family Guy and Prison Break available on Iflix.

Unfortunately for Family Guy, Iflix only provides up to Season 12. Even though Family Guy has reached season 14.

In fact, services like Iflix usually only provide old movies and television series.

Is iflix the same as Netflix?

Iflix uses bad audio compression for its videos, spoiling the sound of many viewers. If you watch movies on your phone, you might not notice the difference.

But if you own a home theater, you will be disappointed with iflix. Netflix Malaysia uses the same audio compression as its American counterpart, and it’s solid.

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