“I wear what’s comfortable” – scolded for being too sexy, Emma is too lazy to fight with netizens

“I Wear What’s Comfortable” – Scolded For Being Too Sexy, Emma Is Too Lazy To Fight With Netizens

Seen getting sexier since becoming a mother, Emma Maembong insists she wants to be herself by choosing comfortable clothes.

I hope netizens will stop associating her son Emma or her real name Fatimah Rouhani Ismal, 30, begging netizens to just pray that she gets better.

“I only wear what is comfortable. Since my teens, I used to use this. I don’t want to be a married person, I have to keep moving. Let me be myself.

&Quot;I Wear What'S Comfortable&Quot; - Scolded For Being Too Sexy, Emma Is Too Lazy To Fight With Netizens
Emma wants to be herself

“Right now, I just want to enjoy the life I have. Insya-Allah, pray for the best, one day I must wear the hijab again.

“Every woman has to wear a hijab, God willing, I’ll change it, so don’t associate my child. Everyone has a way of raising children,” Emma told mStar.

Last May, the appearance of Emma, ​​who was seen wearing a tight white T-shirt and red pants and appeared to change her hairstyle with long braids and blue coloring, drew criticism.

Meanwhile, drama actor Nusyuz Berkiblat Cinta said he now wants to live a peaceful life with his family without having to fight with netizens.

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“It’s not my time to ‘fight’ with internet users. After all, I realized my dream of having a child. In the past, I was another young man, when people criticized, I jumped”, he admitted.

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For the record, in 2020 Emma married pilot Muhammad Shazli Azhar and they were blessed with a son, Shafiq Gabriel. – BANG!

Source: mStar

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