“I Never Asked Liquorose Out, She Never Was My Girlfriend” – BBNaija Star, Emmanuel Drops Bombshell (Video) » NewsMixed

“I Never Asked Liquorose Out, She Never Was My Girlfriend” – Bbnaija Star, Emmanuel Drops Bombshell (Video) » Newsmixed

Big Brother Naija star Emmanuel Umoh has made a surprising revelation about his relationship along with his colleague and ‘lover’ Liquorose.

During the newest episode of the meeting that aired on Friday, June 17th, the former Mr. Nigeria revealed that he never asked Liquorose to be his girlfriend, so technically they weren’t in a relationship.

Emmanuel Falls

The pair were believed to be a pair as a result of their romantic relationship and public displays of affection within Big Brother Naija’s home.

However, Emmanuel stated that he in no way asked her out or outlined their relationship as a romantic couple.

Emmanuel Falls

In response, Liquorose again attacked his claim, saying that their relationship was special and that she or he was his girlfriend before the Dubai drama when she caught him with another girl.

However, Emmanuel stated that they were not in a relationship because he was not in a relationship with her.

Watch the video below,

This revelation sparked outrage among followers of Big Brother Naija’s “couple”, which is popularly known as the “Emmarose” ship.

See how some of them responded below,

@vittoriaoly he wrote: “So childish from Emmanuel”

@gloryabu2 he wrote: “Rose is a queen…she is mature and then she took on her costume”

@missagorsor he wrote: “And but you took the money from the senders 😂😂😂😂 this guy smh 🤦‍♀️”

@themby_b23 he wrote: “Please, who manages this boy??

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@tahladacosta_ official he wrote, “Omo Emmanuel lies a lot to a person.. after consuming shippers money. mtcheew

Emanuel is confused! After saying the last time he wanted an open relationship now the story has changed.”

@lateerphatolola he wrote: “Immaturity at its peak 😂😂 let me see how he gets dirty all over again 😂😂”

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