“I don’t see Shikhar Dhawan in the T20 World Cup squad,” says former Indian legend

“I Don’t See Shikhar Dhawan In The T20 World Cup Squad,” Says Former Indian Legend

Former Indian player Sunil Gavaskar has given a statement regarding Shikhar Dhawan’s place in the Indian team. Gavaskar believes the team’s doors are now closed to Dhawan. Gavaskar said that if it was Dravid’s plan to include Dhawan in the team, he would have already been included.

Gavaskar said in a conversation with Star Sports that I’m not looking for Dhawan’s name. If his name had come up, he would be on the team. A lot of people went to England and he could be on this team. If he’s not on this team then I don’t see him in the T20 World Cup squad.

Talking about the opening combination for the Indian team, Gavaskar said that Rohit Sharma will be with KL Rahul for me.

It is worth mentioning that Shikhar Dhawan’s performance in the IPL was excellent, but he was not in the squad for the T20 series at home against South Africa. In such a situation, it can be said that he may not have been kept in the plan for the T20 World Cup team. Ganguly had also said a few days ago that players with the World Cup set up will start being fed from the England tour. Dhawan wasn’t even sent on the England tour.

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