How to view Google connected accounts

How To View Google Connected Accounts

To ensure strict security, Google has very extraordinary security features. The features of a Google account can block access to the device, limit usage, and so on. In addition to a feature that can see us which services are connected to a Google account. To check which services and devices are connected to Google, see how to see which accounts are connected to Google.

How to view Google connected accounts

To view Google connected accounts and devices are as follows.

  • Open a browser on your phone or PC and enter the URL
  • Then select the page Safety
  • Then scroll down and see the section your device
  • Click Kelola Device/Manage Device to block other devices connected to your Google account.

And if you want to see which services are connected to your Google account, follow these steps.

  • Open the browser and enter the URL
  • select a page private data
  • Scroll down and see the App and Service section.
  • It lists which third-party apps are connected to Google services and which Google services are connected to the account.
  • You can manually remove access to third-party services to prevent misuse of your account by third-party apps if you feel the app is too risky.

Well, that’s how singing to see Google connected accounts is very easy to do. Be sure to check regularly so that unused services are immediately deactivated so security is guaranteed.

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