How to view FB Stalker on PC/Mobile 2022

How To View Fb Stalker On Pc/Mobile 2022

Of course, for friends who often play games or use a social media called Facebook, they want to know who often sees our account. Well now you can find out how to easily see FB stalkers.

This Facebook app is a very popular app among people around the world.

Facebook itself is a social media platform that we can use to share photos or videos of our activities.

In addition to a place to share photos and videos, this app is also a media sharing app for all kinds of information, you know.

Many are making friends through this app because, in fact, we can find a lot of people in it.

In the Facebook application we can find various information, including personal information of other people. Therefore, many people want to know who viewed their account.

However, don’t worry, due to the times and technological advancements, we can find many ways to see our stalker account on FB.

How to use a website or app that can help us see FB stalkers.

If your friends are curious about who is looking at your FB post or profile, you can see the discussion we will provide below.

Can’t wait to see in what ways you can see FB stalkers?

Just take a look at the information we will give you below, ok?

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How to see FB stalkers without an app

Stalker is a term that is often used for people who see someone’s activities through their social media.

Some of these stalkers leave traces like comments and likes on our posts or some leave no traces.

Well, on social media apps like Facebook, we can’t find a feature that can see who has visited or viewed our account.

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So you need help seeing the stalker so you don’t get more curious.

Here’s how to see a FB stalker on a PC without the need for any app, quickly and easily.

As for the steps we will give you below.

  • Please open the app “Facebook” using your device’s browser by visiting ““
How To See Fb Stalkers
  • So you open and “Log in” on your Facebook account.
  • After that you can click or press the button “CTRL+U” on the keyboard. Later, a new tab will appear with the codes.
How To See Fb Stalkers
  • Then you press the button “CTRL+F” on your keyboard.
  • you can type “InitialChatFriendsList” in your Google search field.
  • If you click on the bottom, multiple IDs will appear.
How To See Fb Stalkers
  • The ID that appears is the ID of the people stalking your Facebook account.

Too easy isn’t the way you can do it? Want to try this method?

If you want to use an app, you can see the discussion we provided.

Facebook stalking app without being found

If you want to use apps to see FB stalkers, you can use the apps we recommend below.

The apps we will provide below are apps that you can use easily.

You are curious? Immediately we will give you applications to see Stalker FB.

Who viewed my facebook profile

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

The first app we recommend to you is an app called Who Viewed My Facebook Profile.

You can use this app to see who viewed your profile and posts you know.

The way you can use this app is also very easy. Following are the steps we can provide.

  • You downloaded the app “Visited my Facebook profile” through the Game store easily.
  • After the download is complete, you open the app and “Log in” using your Facebook account.
  • If you are already logged in, you can directly click “Who visited your profile” and wait for the process to finish.
  • Later you will see the accounts that frequently view your account.
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In this app, you can not only see who is stalking your account, but also who often comments and likes your posts.

social detective

Social Detective

You can use this app easily to find out your FB stalker.

However, it turns out that not only FB, you can also use this app to see stalkers from other social media apps like Instagram.

This app will not overload your mobile because this app is very light in size.

How to use the application is very easy and fast, below we will give you.

  • You download the app “Social Detective” through the Google App Store.
  • After downloading, you open the app and “Log in” using your FB account.
  • If you logged in and were successful, you can see who is chasing your FB.

However, what you need to know about this app is that it is not related to FB and IG developers, so the search results generated by this app are slightly different from the browser results.

who visited me

Who Visited Me

This app is an app called Who Visited Me, which you can use through Android devices.

How to use this app is very easy, you just login and you can use the app right away.

There are steps you can take to find out who has viewed your account.

  • You download the app “Who visited me” through the Google App Store.
  • If you have finished downloading, you open the application and on the home page there will be a command “Sign in with Facebook”.
  • You do “Log in” using your FB email address, phone number and password.
  • When you successfully login, the app will immediately display the tracker of your FB account.
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my stalker

My Stalker

This app is an app called My Stalker that you can use easily.

How to find out who is stalking our FB by cell phone using this app is very easy and fast.

The steps you can follow to use this app are as follows.

  • download app “My stalker” via the Play Store.
  • So you open the app, and just go “Log in” using your FB account.
  • Upon entering the app, you will automatically be able to see who has viewed your account.
  • You can also use the feature that can find hidden admirers on your FB.

profile tracker

Profile Tracker

The last app you can use to find who visits your Facebook account frequently is the Profile Tracker app.

Using the application is very easy, namely by downloading the application at Google App Store.

The steps we can provide for you to use this Profile Tracker app.

  • download app “Profile Tracker”After downloading, you can immediately open the application.
  • So you can “Log in” using your Facebook account.
  • If the login process is complete, you can immediately see the tracker of your FB account.

Easy isn’t it? If you want to see who people are usually curious about your FB, you can use the app we recommend above.

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So the information we can convey to you about How to View Stalker FB android.

I hope this discussion can help you and I also hope that the explanation we convey can be easily accepted.

Thanks for visiting and reading the article and see you soon!

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