How to Use Pushbullet on Android Phones Properly

How To Use Pushbullet On Android Phones Properly

How to use pushbullet – Pushbullet is an application that allows us to display all notifications on our Android phones and then forward them to our PC. All notifications whether sms, phone, fuel, WA, Twitter, alarm, email and other notifications can be forwarded to a computer or handheld device. However, Pushbullet itself has more features than that.

If you have a smartwatch or smartwatch, all notifications on your Android phone can be seen on that Wearable device. With Pushbullet, the computer or laptop we have will be like a smartwatch, but supported by other supporting features. For example, if you upload files to other devices, share links, videos, images or share anything with other Pusbullet users. Unfortunately, Pushbullet for now only supports two browsers, FireFox and Chrome. For those who want to use a PC, you must install add-ons or extensions in both browsers.

How to Use Pushbullet on an Android Phone

How To Use Pushbullet On An Android Phone
How to Use Pushbullet on an Android Phone

Steps to use Pushbullet:

  1. Download Pushbullet first
  2. Then download Pushbullet add-ons or extensions for Chrome or Firefox. If you have, log in with the same account on your Android phone
  3. After installing the extension, a Phusbullet account will appear in the upper right corner. Click on the icon if you want to share files or anything else and select send to a smartphone or other device that has Pushbullet installed.
  4. So what about notifications? If you signed in with the same account, either on an Android phone or in a browser, the notification will be automatically forwarded.
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So, these are some ways to use Pushbullet that you can try at home. Maybe that’s all we can say about using Pushbullet on Android phones. In addition, you can also read how to check ktp via internet in the previous article. Well that’s all from us, I hope this article will be helpful to you all. That’s all from us and thanks for your attention.

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