How to Use a VPN to Book Cheap Flights and Get Discounts in 2022

How To Use A Vpn To Book Cheap Flights And Get Discounts In 2022

What is the best VPN location to get cheap flights?

The US and Western Europe have by far the highest price range. Eastern and Southern European countries, on the other hand, have lower price ranges.

So, before booking a flight, open your VPN for cheaper flights in Europe and use a server from Portugal, Romania, Moldova, Poland or Bulgaria.

Asian countries also have significantly cheaper flight deals in countries like India, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Indonesia. Many people suggest that Malaysia has the lowest prices in the world.

The absolute best depends on which locations you are interested in flying. Web travelers say they are more likely to find their flight on local pages in larger countries such as India or Japan.

How to search for cheap flights using a VPN?

Once you know your destination, search the web for all available options. We suggest that you consult airlines and booking agencies.

Use a VPN to connect to a country with a low price range and see if your flight is listed there. It is better to clear your cookie data or access pages in incognito mode.

Airline websites often use cookies, so it’s best to clear them so they won’t be tracked. This is especially important when you use a VPN, because you can try out a few different locations when looking for the best price.

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Does a private browser make flights cheaper?

Some people on the web suggest that it is better to look up web prices in a private browser or in incognito mode, as prices may be higher for logged in users or those who have previously accessed pages and have their IP stored.

There is no evidence that this is actually happening. We’ve tried it ourselves and just switching to incognito mode doesn’t change anything.

However, we recommend this when using a VPN, as many of these sites may install cookies on your browser and have some information about your identity or location. Therefore, to ensure that your VPN usage is 100% effective, a private connection is recommended.

What day flights are cheapest

In the old days, you could say with certainty that plane tickets are the cheapest on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Tuesday has been considered the best day to buy cheap airline tickets for years. But the rule is not as applicable now as it used to be.

The reason midweek prices used to be cheaper is that airline tickets were released for sale at the beginning of the week, and the strategy was to offer promotions after some tickets were already sold.

For now, those days seem to vary from one company to another. A more applicable rule to follow is to book your flight in advance because prices now tend to increase as the flight date approaches.

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In conclusion, if you’re interested in various hacks to get cheaper flights online, you can’t go wrong with a VPN. By spoofing your IP address and using encryption to connect to a different location, you make it look like you are trying to buy tickets from somewhere else, such as a low-income country.

Since travel agencies are very flexible, you never know what amazing deals are coming. Plus, it’s perfectly legal to use a VPN to get cheaper flights, so there’s nothing to worry about.

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