How to upgrade 3G card to 4G Telkomsel without going to Grapari

How To Upgrade 3G Card To 4G Telkomsel Without Going To Grapari

Upgrade Kartu 3G to 4G – Hello, you are back with us at Aptoide which always provides the latest and most popular app tricks, games and tips everyday just for our loyal visitors. On this occasion, we will share tips and tricks for mobile phone users, especially smartphones. Curious, right? Okay, let’s just look at the comments below. But before that, to get the best information, it would be good if you don’t skip writing this article so you don’t miss the latest information from us. Look this!

How to upgrade 3G card to 4G Telkomsel without going to Grapari upgrade kartu 3g ke 4g

Having a good network is certainly the wish of every cell phone SIM card user. which is nothing more than 4G LTE network technology. In addition to cell phones in the output now support 4G LTE technology. In fact, there are still many old SIM card users who are reluctant to change the number to a newer one that already supports 4G LTE technology. Because to enjoy 4G LTE technology you must support both devices to be used.

So, how to overcome this? To find out more, let’s see the comments below.

Cara Upgrade Kartu 3G ke 4G

Well, of course this is a solution that must be done if you want to have a 4G network without changing cards and other numbers, namely updating it. However, as how to upgrade 4G Telkomsel? The most common way many people do it is the quickest, though not the easiest. How to change 3g card to 4g that is, changing your 3G SIM card directly to Grapari.

How is it the fastest? Because you just have to come to Grapari and there, your old SIM card will be exchanged directly by Telkomsel’s customer service (CS) for a 4G card. This process is considered a method that takes 10 minutes from the moment you arrive in Grapari.

But as we said before, this method is complicated and requires several requirements and files that you have to fulfill. Also, we often find it difficult to find free time to be able to come directly to Grapari specifically, so the most pleasant thing is waiting in line, which can take a long time when it’s crowded.

well then how how to upgrade 3g card to 4g telkomsel which is easier and doesn’t have to wait in line? There is a way to upgrade your Telkomsel SIM card to a 4G SIM card is to buy an upgrade card, but your number will not change. Come on, let’s see.

How to upgrade Telkomsel card to 4G

Occupation is something that cannot be avoided, but this method can overcome it and you can, of course, activate 4g telkomsel without going to grapari and can directly how to upgrade telkomsel to 4g from the US card, Simpati or the old online Loop card.

That way, you won’t have to worry about not having time to go to GraPARI and you can do it independently. Method telkomsel 4g update without going to grapari it’s a very easy and cheap way in our opinion. All you need to do is buy an upgraded Telkomsel 4G starter pack which is sold on a limited basis, with this your old card will turn into a 4G USIM card. The features can be seen on the starter package which says “Telkomsel 4G Upgrade Card”.

The price of Telkomsel 4G official upgrade starter card is 3,000 rupees. But in fact, the card is sold at a rather expensive price. Some bought it at a price of 20,000, in fact the price was uncertain because each area at different counters. So don’t use this as a reference. Of course this won’t be a problem because even if the price is a little expensive, you can of course change the card.

How to update 4G Telkomsel online

For those who have old Simpati cards, AS cards or Loop cards that are still using the 3G network, don’t hesitate to do this. how to change telkomsel card 3g to 4g yourself using a Telkomsel 4G upgrade card. Terms of how to change telkomsel card 3g to 4g This is very easy, there are 2 ways i.e. the old card which will be updated and the initial Telkomsel 4G update card which has been registered to 4444. If this was done on the two cards we mentioned, now you can follow the steps below:

Get token or PIN from old card

  • When using the old card, please contact Buddy 88846#.
  • In the options that appear, selecting 1. Get Token/PIN. Enter your Telkomsel 4G upgrade card number, which will be used for the upgrade.
How to upgrade 3G card to 4G Telkomsel without going to Grapari upgrade kartu 3g ke 4g 1
  • Then you choose 1. Yes, to confirm the Telkomsel 4G update number you entered if it is correct.
  • Wait a moment, the token/PIN code will be sent to you via SMS to your old number. Save the token/PIN.

  • The next step how to change 3g card to 4g i.e. using a Telkomsel 4G upgrade card, please contact 888*46#.
  • Then select 2. Upgrade to 4G card.
  • Confirm that you are willing to lose the new number and its content (pulse), quota and data after being used for a 4G upgrade by selecting option 1. Yes. Enter your old number.
How to upgrade 3G card to 4G Telkomsel without going to Grapari upgrade kartu 3g ke 4g 2
  • Then enter the token/PIN paying attention to the size of the letters (don’t get me wrong).
  • Choose 1. Yes to confirm that the token/PIN and old number you entered is correct.
  • 4G upgrade request completed.
  • After the 4G update request is completed, it is necessary to wait a maximum of 15 minutes to receive an SMS notification of the successful number migration process.
  • Done.

If more than 15 minutes have passed, you have not received an SMS notification, you must first turn off the phone with the Telkomsel 4G update card installed, then reactivate it. If you received an SMS, try to make a call using a Telkomsel 4G upgrade card. Whereby? find out that your number has changed or not? The old number must have migrated to the new card.

That’s what our article is about how to upgrade telkomsel card 3g to 4g, we hope it will be useful to Aptoide friends and don’t forget to continue to support us by sharing this article with your friends or on your social media accounts. Thanks

Common questions

Is it possible to upgrade a 3G card to 4G Telkomsel without changing the card?

For now, you can only upgrade your Telkomsel card from 3G to 4G by changing the card (Upgrade Card).

Can I update my SIM card without requiring the card to be sent by GraPARI?

Buddy can get this upgrade card at the counters that sell it,

If I buy an upgrade card outside of GraPARI, how much do I have to pay?

Finally, the price of this upgrade card is Rp. 3000, this is the price on GraPARI. However, it will be a little more expensive if you buy it over the counter.

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