How to top up ShopeePay balance via DANA, how much is the admin fee and minimum top up?

How To Top Up Shopeepay Balance Via Dana, How Much Is The Admin Fee And Minimum Top Up?

Topping up your ShopeePay balance via DANA is now easier due to the Digital Balance feature. Previously, this feature was limited and tested for iOS users only.

Before being available in the recharge menu, Digital Balance could be used through the transfer menu. If you use the recharge method via the transfer menu, you will be taken to Digital Balance.

Unlike before, which could only be entered through the transfer menu, the Digital Balance menu is now available, so that the process of recharging digital wallet balances is easier.

How to top up ShopeePay via DANA

  • Open the DANA app.
  • go to menu Digital Balanceif it’s not on the first page, you can open See All and look for Digital Balance under the Recharge category.
  • In Digital Balance select ShopeePay.
  • Enter Shopee account mobile number or search by contact and press Continue.
  • Enter the nominal value of the recharge and press Continue.
  • Check the transaction details, verify that the details are correct, tick agree to terms and conditions and press Confirmation.
  • Finally, enter your DANA account PIN to complete the transaction.
How To Top Up Shopeepay Balance Via Dana

By the last step, you should have been able to top up your ShopeePay balance via DANA. The balance will go directly to your ShopeePay account in seconds.

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Minimum recharge and administration fee

How To Top Up Shopeepay Balance Via Dana

As with other transactions, such as transfers from DANA to a bank account, top up DANA’s ShopeePay balance with a minimum top-up of IDR 10,000.

Meanwhile, the administration fee for each ShopeePay recharge transaction is IDR 999. The administration fee is fixed, not affected by the nominal recharge.


Once we know the minimum recharge and administration fees, we can draw conclusions about the amount we have to spend if ShopeePay recharges via DANA.

For example, a recharge of Rp. 10,000 plus administration fees becomes Rp. 10,999 and the balance going into ShopeePay is Rp. 9,500 after deducting the maximum Shopee fee from Rp. 500

Top up fees charged by Shopee apply whenever you top up via bank transfer/virtual account methods such as top up via DANA.

This is information about how to top up ShopeePay balance via DANA. If you have any further questions, don’t forget to follow and send a message via the ADYBLOG Facebook page.

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