How to top up funds on BCA, Alfamart and Indomaret 2021

How To Top Up Funds On Bca, Alfamart And Indomaret 2021

how to top up funds – Dana is a financial application made by PT Espay Debit Indonesia Koe. Currently, the Fund is widely used for various financial purposes such as money transfer and payment in various financial institutions. merchant.

Face to complete Funds also vary, they can be from an account or a digital wallet. You may to complete Applications of funds through bank accounts such as Banco Mandiri, BCA, BNI or BRI.

You can also top up funds through other digital wallet apps like GoPay and OVO. If you don’t have a digital wallet and account, you can to complete in Alfamart and Indomaret.

The easiest way to top up funds quickly

The Dana app is only 34MB in size and can be installed on Android devices with a minimum version of 4.4. If you’re a new Dana user and don’t know how to reload the app, you can follow the steps below.

To make it easier to do to complete To your Dana account, you can add a debit card or ATM card to the Dana app.

So whenever you want to do to completeyou can do this directly from the Dana app without having to go to the app m-banking or go to the convenience store.

1. Reload Funds on Alfamart & Indomaret

Reload Funds Through Minimercado

The first method is the easiest and simplest, it can be done by anyone, especially those who do not have a bank account and do not have other digital wallets.

Follow these steps to make to complete at the convenience store. Prepare identification cards, such as SIM or KTP, if necessary.

Also prepare the money that will be put into the Fund’s account, as well as the administration fees between IDR 3,000 to IDR 10,000. Write down your cell phone number registered in the Dana app and you will fill it in with a certain name.

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Nominal to complete through mini-markets is a multiple of Rp. 50,000, not including the administration fees charged by the mini-markets you visit.

  • Visit Alfamart, Alfamidi, Dan Dan or Lawson stores to make to complete.
  • Once you arrive at the minimarket, you can immediately queue up at the cashier and tell the cashier that you want to do so. to complete for the application of the Funds.
  • Send your HP or Dana account number to the cashier and tell the employee the amount you want to add to your Dana account.
  • Make payments as requested by the officer, complete with administration fees.
  • Wait until the process to complete or by completing Dana’s registration and don’t forget to check the balance in the Dana app before leaving the minimart to ensure the balance has been sent to your Dana account.

Face to complete The funds above are a little less practical for those who are very busy and don’t have time to stop at the minimarket.

There is another way you can try and that is using other digital wallets like OVO or GoPay.

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2. Top up funds with no admin fee

If you have a balance in the OVO or GoPay app, you can transfer or transfer the balance for the Dana digital wallet app. How to do it is very easy, just follow the steps below.

  • Run the OVO application that is on smartphone yours and make sure you have log in or log into a registered OVO account for the process transfer for the Dana digital wallet can be done without any problems.
  • tap on option transfer which is in the middle of the main page of the OVO app.
  • Ignore the For Fellow OVO option, Touch in the Go to Bank Account menu. Then select CIMB Bank Niaga in the destination bank section.
How To Top Up Funds On Bca, Alfamart And Indomaret 2021
  • Face to complete The next step is to fill in the Account Number section with the number 8059 followed by your mobile number registered in the Dana app.
  • For example, if your mobile number is 088997766554, enter 8059088997766554 in the Account Number section.
  • Enter a name transfer in the specified column. The minimum amount that can be transferred from the OVO digital wallet is IDR 10,000. Make sure that the balance you have in your OVO digital wallet is sufficient to transfer it to your Dana account.
  • You can fill in the Message field or skip it by clicking the Continue button. Be sure to check the details of the Fund balance that you will be making via OVO.
  • If all data entered, especially the account number, is correct, Touch on the button transfer and enter the EGG PIN you set earlier.
  • Process transfer is complete, check the balance of the Fund at smartphonemu.
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Face to complete The above funds can also be applied in the GoJek app, namely by selecting the Pay or Pay menu Pay which is on the main page of the Gojek app.

The administrative fee charged by GoPay is IDR 2,500 each time you make a transfer to a bank account, including your Dana account.

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3. How to Reload Funds Through BCA Bank (Bank M)

BC Mobile is a special app owned by users smartphone who has an account with a BCA bank. If you often make transactions with this app, you can also use it to make transactions to complete to your Fund account.

  • Run the BCA app Mobile on your mobile device. This app can be downloaded at Game store it’s from app store.
  • On the main page of the application, Touch in the m-BCA menu at the top. Then enter the passcode you specified.
  • After entering the m-BCA menu, you will see various menus such as transfer m-Information, m-Paymentm-Admin, m-Businessand others.
  • Tap the menu m-transfer then select the BCA menu virtual accountt.
  • Enter code 3901 followed by the mobile number you registered in the Dana app in the Input No. section. virtual account. For example, if the mobile number registered in the Fund is 088997766554, enter 3901088997766554.
How To Top Up Funds On Bca, Alfamart And Indomaret 2021
  • You will see the details of Dana users, including the HP number and Dana username.
  • Make sure the details that appear correspond to the Fund account you have. If the data is correct, Touch on the OK button.
  • Then enter the name you want transfer to the Fund’s account. Make sure the nominal is what you want then Touch on the OK button once more.
  • Enter the BCA PIN number Mobile to confirm the transfer of funds to the Funds account.
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Code 3901 is the code for to complete BCA funds Mobile. if you want to do to complete to another Dana account, simply enter the code and Dana HP number you want to use to complete.

Always check the Fund balance immediately after the process transfer successfully done.


this is how it can be Tcash convey in this review, we hope that what we convey can be useful to all of us.

Our advice before doing to completewhatever the method, first run the Dana app and then Touch in the menu To complete on the application’s main page. Touch one of the ways to complete The funds you want.

Each method you choose will tell you which code to use to run to complete Background. Good luck & Have a good day.

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