How to speed up WiFi network guaranteed to be effective and speed up directly

How To Speed Up Wifi Network Guaranteed To Be Effective And Speed Up Directly friends often feel annoyed when using Wifi, but the network is too slow? Well, this time we will show you how to speed up a Wifi network.

Curious and curious? You can see the discussion that we will pass on to you below.

The internet is an electronic medium that can connect one electronic device to another. Well, to be able to use the internet, you need a device that can exchange data wirelessly.

The tool is called Wifi or Wireless Fidelity. You can connect Wi-Fi to a device so that the device can use the Internet network.

Devices that can be connected to Wi-Fi include computers, cell phones, tablets, digital audio players, and laptops.

Well, if you already use Wifi and the Wifi network works smoothly, it makes us forget about time.

Especially during a pandemic like now, we are spending more time at home and opening up a lot of social media.

The existence of Wifi makes it easy to browse various social media smoothly.

However, if we use Wifi and the network is slow or slow, we will feel annoyed, especially if we are searching and watching live videos.

This internet connection or network is the most important and most important thing in internet usage.

However, if you are having issues with your Wifi network being slow or something, we have the solution.

Curious? Want to know what are the solutions and ways to speed up your Wifi connection?

Check out the discussion we will give you below carefully, yes.

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How to speed up Wi-Fi network

How To Speed Up Wi-Fi Network

There are many ways to speed up a slow or experienced Wi-Fi network delay.

Want to know the methods? We will provide the information below.

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Following are the ways you can do to speed up the Wifi network so that it doesn’t slow down.

Use the heat mapping app

First, we will provide you with a way you can use to speed up your Wifi connection.

You can use Heatmapping app because this app can help you see how strong your Wifi signal coverage is.

By using this app, you will be able to determine where your brother should place the router in the correct position.

This is so that the router’s network can spread evenly or effectively.

Changing the Frequency to 5GHz

How To Speed Up Wi-Fi Network

Currently, there are already two types of Wifi frequencies, including 2GHz and 5GHz, so which is better?

It depends on the situation and condition of your place, if your place has a lot of electronics with 2GHz frequency, your Wifi network will also be affected.

Therefore, we recommend changing the frequency from 2GHz to 5GHz for a stronger network.

But you should first make sure the Wifi device you have supports 5GHz frequency or not.

Add with repeater device

There are many reasons why your Wifi network is slow or sluggish, one of which is that your Wifi network is weak.

Well, in that case, you can take advantage of this repeater device by adding it to your Wifi.

That way, the network that belongs to your Wifi can reach widely and you will also be able to use Wifi comfortably.

Do a signal strength check

How To Speed Up Wi-Fi Network

Now, there are many apps available that can help you to check the Wifi signal you have.

As well as Amped and Chouldcheck apps. With these two apps you will be able to see the strength of the Wifi signal you have.

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In addition, you will also be able to see where the locations that have strong networks and that have weak networks are.

Using CMD

How To Speed Up Wi-Fi Network

How to speed up a Wifi network with CMD is one way to try to overcome a slow Wifi network.

There are steps you can take to speed up Wifi using CDM.

Here we will give you the steps.

  • You open the application “Notepad”pressing the button “Windows+R” and type “Notepad”.
  • Then you can type “ping”.
  • After that you can click “Save as”then you can change the name to “ping.bat” and specify the location where you will save the file.
  • you click “To save”.
  • When finished, open it “ping.bat file” and later your Wifi network will increase automatically.

Keep it away from other electronic devices

This is one way you can do to overcome a slow and sluggish network.

By keeping your Wifi away from other devices, it can help your Wifi signal to be effective.

Because if the Wifi signal is adjacent to another device where the other device has electromagnetic waves, it can interfere with the Wifi performance.

Place the router in a strategic location

How To Speed Up Wi-Fi Network

Positioning the router is also a way to make the network smooth.

Router is a tool used to broadcast your Wifi network so that you can connect to other devices.

Well, if you put the router in the wrong place, then the network that will be broadcast will not be effective.

Transform into a Closed Network

If more and more people use your Wifi signal, the signal that will be used will also be slower.

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So, if you don’t want strangers to secretly use your Wifi signal, you must provide a password.

That way, you can enjoy a smooth and fast Wi-Fi network. This method is also a way to speed up the Wifi network on the cell phone.

Configuring DNS

Configuring Dns

The way to speed up Wifi network on this laptop is by setting DNS.

As for the steps you can take to be able to do DNS settings easily.

  • You click the button “To start”then open “Control Panel”.
  • then you click “Network and Internet Connection”so you choose “Network connection”.
  • If you have, you can right click on “Local connection” and choose “Properties”.
  • Next, you choose “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” and click “Properties”.
  • Then you click “Use the following DNS server”. You fill DNS server with numbers “280,67,222,222”.
  • Finally, you click “OK”.

After performing the above steps, you will be able to check whether your network is working smoothly or not.

Do not put the router on the floor

Do Not Put The Router On The Floor

Finally, you must pay attention to the correct positioning of the router, that is, you must place the router in a high place.

This is so that the signal emitted by the router can reach widely or throughout the building.

If you place the router on the ground or somewhere else low, the signal you will receive will be weak.


This is all the information we can convey to you on how to speed up indihome Wifi network.

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Hope this helps those of you who have this problem. Thanks for reading and visiting the article and see you soon!

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