How to sell globally on Amazon exporters:

How To Sell Globally On Amazon Exporters:

Your gateway to foreign markets and worldwide expansion is Amazon global sales. More than 70,000 Indian sellers have been helped to develop overseas thanks to the e-commerce export initiative.

Amazon global sales is an e-commerce export program that allows you to take your business from India to over 200 nations and territories across the world. Regardless of the size of your business, whether you are a multi-city retailer, local supplier, startup or experienced exporter, you can export your products and put your business on the global map.

India’s exports totaled US$34 billion in March 2021, up 58.23% from March 2020, according to the Ministry of Trade and Industry1. India’s commerce has been steadily increasing, mainly through Amazon exports, where many sellers have recognized the desire for Indian products in world markets. While most producers and dealers were aware of the need, they had limited access to the export channels through which they could sell globally. This is where e-commerce export programs such as Amazon global sales can help.

MSMEs that sell leather, home furnishings, textiles, books, shoes, toys and consumables such as tea and herbal products, for example, will benefit the most because they can now easily set up an online export business and reach millions of customers. Exporting is now economically and logistically viable for many companies.

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How can you start selling on Amazon?

Companies are eager to offer their products globally through Amazon, recognizing the growing importance of e-commerce. In return, Amazon helps these companies focus on expansion by providing international tools and shipping solutions.

Here’s how you can sell your products in other countries using Amazon, if you currently have a well-established e-commerce business, export offline, or have a passion for sales:

Step 1: Create an account as a seller

The first step for Indian merchants looking to sell on Amazon is to create an Amazon seller account. An operating bank account with appropriate details, such as a PAN number, is required for Amazon seller registration. You will have access to Seller Central upon registration which is a one stop shop for anything related to selling on Amazon. It is also recommended that you collect essential documentation for your export products during registration. Amazon’s Export Compliance Dashboard can help you with documents.

To export from India, you will need certain documents and approvals based on product type and destination country. Access the Export Compliance dashboard to review and address your paperwork needs.

Step 2: Decide where you will sell

More than 200 countries and territories have access to Amazon’s online store. You can choose to sell your items on any or all of Amazon’s international marketplaces. The markets you have access to are listed below:

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Step 3: Submit your listings

After online registration, you must list the products you intend to sell globally. You can list your products using the Seller Central listing tools or the Seller App. These portals are simple and easy to use. You can also employ professionals from the Service Provider Network to help you with product photography or categorization.

Customers can search your products globally after listing them. Use ads or sponsored offers to further improve your listings by allowing you to target relevant customers.

Learn how to list your products.

Step 4: Product shipping and delivery

Amazon alerts you to your customers’ purchases through the Seller Central dashboard. Amazon will handle end-to-end activities such as storing, sorting, sorting and shipping the product to the consumer for exporters who choose Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Those who have not enabled this functionality will be responsible for their own shipping, refunds, customer service and more.

Become a Prime Seller

As an Amazon Prime seller, you can provide a fantastic customer experience by offering free, fast, and reliable delivery as well as world-class customer service, while expanding your business into new worldwide markets. Fast delivery, special bargains and other benefits are available to over 200 million paid Prime members worldwide. This feature is available on the Seller App and Seller Central.

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Step 5: Collect funds

Funds will be credited to your bank account after the order has been placed and paid for. Your balance can be found in your Seller Central Account.

Why use Amazon to export?

Benefits of Amazon’s Export Business—Amazon global sales: Expand your business internationally.

Why limit yourself to India when you have the option to go global? You can sell to millions of people around the world using Amazon global sales.

Learn more about Amazon’s global marketplaces.

Global Sell on Amazon India

Diversify your sales throughout the year.

Take advantage of international peak sales seasons and sales events such as Prime Day, Christmas, Black Friday and Ramadan, among others, in addition to Diwali. To sell globally, choose from over 30 categories.

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