How to remove non-private connections on PC, easy!

How To Remove Non-Private Connections On Pc, Easy!

Have you ever received a message “Your connection is not private” or “Your connection is not private” while browsing with Google Chrome?

How to remove non-private connections on PC, easy!

It often appears even though your Internet connection is good. Of course, this condition interferes with those who want to open certain websites.


Well, for those who try it, ApkVenue has a way to get rid of Your Connection is Not Private on your Google Chrome browser.


How to handle non-private connection ads
Change time and date precision on PC/Laptop
Turn off antivirus for a while
Reset Google Chrome
Open websites in incognito mode
Wait for the site’s SSL certification to recover

How to handle non-private connection ads

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When using a browser, usually Google Chrome, the words “Your connection is not private” may appear when opening certain websites.

This is sometimes accompanied by the error code ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID. This code indicates that there is an SSL issue on the website you are opening.

In other words, the problem could be caused by the user or the site manager. You can get rid of it by addressing: Your connection is not secure.
1. Change the accuracy of time and date on PC/Laptop

This first method usually solves the problem of your connection not being private. This is resetting the current time and date on your PC/Laptop.

You just need to change the time and date settings according to the actual time. For this method, ApkVenue uses example settings on Windows 10.
Step 1 – Find the change date and time from the setup menu
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To remove your unsecured connection, first search the settings to change the date and time using the search bar. You can search for it by typing “date” or “date and time”.

Step 2 – Change the time and date
How to Fix Your Windows 10 651a4 Non-Private Connection

Then change the time and date accordingly. Or you can also enable automatic time setting and set the time zone based on your location.

Step 3 – Update the website

Once the time and date are set correctly, return to the webpage and click the refresh icon. The website will be restored to its original, accessible state.

Is it easy, gang? You can easily access your favorite websites, for example. B. Movie viewing sites to use while #StayHome.
2. Turn off antivirus for a while
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The second way to solve the problem of your connection not being private is to temporarily turn off your antivirus program.

By temporarily disabling your antivirus software, you can disable its feature, which is designed to check the SSL or HTTPS protocol that is causing this issue.

You don’t need to disable it completely, just look for a feature called Scan SSL or HTTPS Protocol. The settings of each antivirus are different, so Jaka can’t give special instructions yet, guys.
3. Reset Google Chrome

How to fix your connection is not private in Google Chrome, you can do this by returning the Google Chrome browser to its original settings.

But before doing that, ApkVenue reminds you that you will lose your settings along with Google Chrome content settings, cookies, site data, tab pins and extensions will also be disabled.

But information like bookmarks, history, saved passwords and cache will not be deleted. So think before you do this, class.
Step 1 – Open the settings menu
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Click on the three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner of the browser and select the Settings menu.

Step 2 – Click on the Restore menu
Troubleshooting your connection is not private B515e

Once you enter the Settings menu, scroll down until you find the Advanced option, click on it and select Reset the Settings menu to its original default values

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