How to Remove Glance on a Realme Phone Easily

How To Remove Glance On A Realme Phone Easily

How to Remove Glance on a Realme Phone – Glance is a software based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that contains content on the mobile screen lock. This software is a relatively new company, founded in 2019 by several companies inventor Yaitu Naveen Tewari, Abhay Singhal, Mohit Saxena and Piyush Shah.

Glance is also a subsidiary of InMobi, a technology company. As mentioned above, Glance is a feature that provides various content on the lock screen (Lockscreen).

The content can be in the form of news or offer information. Glance has also become a forum for collaboration with one of the mobile phone brands, namely me for real.

How To Remove Glance On A Cell Phone Really Easily

With this collaboration, the Glance feature will later support content on screen lock on Realme phones available in Indonesia and India. This feature also creates a new experience for users, namely to explore content that takes place in cyberspace.

Most Realme phones whose software was updated in October receive this feature. So it is not surprising that many people question the existence of this feature.

The latest features offered by Realme also received several responses from the public, one of them being the public’s discomfort with this feature. This is because screen lock often displays images that are liked by Realme mobile users.

However, with the presence of this feature, you can change the screen lock every time you turn on your mobile. The lack of this software also makes the cell phone battery more wasted than usual.

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This will allow you to charge the battery more often. For those who are not interested in looking, in this article we will discuss how to remove the look in HP Realme.

How does Glance get your content preferences?

When the Glance feature is on an HP device, you can get information about your preferences by asking for certain account information, preferred content categories, gender, interests, language, and more. When asking some of these things also relate to legal and privacy policies.

However, this feature does not ask for additional and confidential information about credit card, banking, medical and other information. If this is requested, it is better to decline to avoid risks occurring in the future.

In the at-a-glance feature there is also some information about the offer. For users who are still loyal to use this feature and get the offer, it is advisable to reconsider accordingly.

This feature is primarily intended for adult users and is not intended for users under the age of 18. Therefore, for the use of cell phones which are also used by children, parental supervision is required to avoid something unwanted.

How to remove Glance on a Realme mobile without RIbet

No need to worry if you don’t feel comfortable with this feature as here we introduce you to eliminate stares on Realme cell phone that can be done by anyone at any time.

  • open the menu Arrangement
  • Select the home screen submenu, lock screen and display always active
  • go to menu to look for really
  • Swipe to gray/left to turn off
  • Swipe until it turns blue/right to activate it
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So, that was the way to get rid of the look on the HP Realme. Very easy, right?

You can do this in less than 5 minutes and your screen lock can be back to normal. HP Realme users can also re-enable the feature in the manner shown above.

How to disable Glance permanently?

It’s not enough with the above method, it just so happens that this way the glance feature can still be returned by swiping left on the lock screen. Later, the “Experience Glance Now” menu will appear where it will be risky if you accidentally click on the menu.

But the question that arises in our minds is can the gaze feature be permanently removed? The answer is yes, of course you can permanently remove it.

Therefore, we will provide a solution to permanently disable gaze on HP Realme. Basically, Glance is a standard feature of HP Realme in its latest versions.

However, it is still possible to disable it permanently. Come on, see the method below until you’re done!

  • open the menu Definitions
  • select a submenu personalization
  • Click theme
  • Download themes from store for more themes (beyond the default theme)
  • Apply it on a realme cell phone
  • Done

Interestingly, the default theme provided by HP Realme will support the at-a-glance feature. So to permanently disable this feature, you can use other themes provided by themed store.

The chosen theme is free, ranging from free or paid themes. In addition, the themes offered are also very attractive with many options. For the choice of theme, it is better to leave to each user what they prefer.

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Glance is indeed software designed for its users to experience new experiences. The goal is to be able to explore more of what is happening in cyberspace today.

However, the user response is different, that is, there are users who are comfortable and others who are not. The user’s discomfort with the gaze can be overcome by eliminating it, where the methods have been listed above.

So that user discomfort is reduced. I hope that by eliminating the gaze on the Realme mobile, it can help its users.

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