How to Reload Flazz on BCA Mobile Easily

How To Reload Flazz On Bca Mobile Easily

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How To Reload Flazz In Bca Mobile

When you open this article, you will read information about how to recharge flash on BCA cell phone. listen well guys

This BCA flash card is commonly known as the BCA electronic toll card. Where this card can be used for electronic toll payments.

You can get it or buy it at the mini market. Usually available from Indomaret or Alfamart. You just need to paste it on the scanner machine without having to enter a PIN like an ATM card.

Before making a transaction to enter the toll gate, you need to have a balance above the threshold to enter the toll payment. To be able to top up or fill this BCA balance without cash, you can use the services of the BCA Mobile or BCA M-Banking application. Then for cash payments through convenience stores.

If you want to use the BCA electronic toll balance charging service on BCA mobile, you need to have the application on your favorite smartphone in advance. You can download the app from Google Play Store or App Store for free.

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Once the download process is complete, you will activate the account first. You can activate an account on the M-Banking BCA application using the services provided at the nearest BCA branch.

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How to load Flazz in BCA Mobile

So here’s how to recharge flash on BCA mobile:

  1. First, open the BCA Mobil app on your smartphone
  2. Then select the “M-BCA” menu
  3. Then enter the access code
  4. Choose the “Flazz” menu on the app homepage
  5. Then you can paste the flash card in the cell phone’s NFC area
  6. Just select the “Top Up Flazz” option
  7. Then you enter the desired recharge nominal value
  8. Then a confirmation of the nominal recharge will appear and select “ok”
  9. Then just enter your BCA Mobile PIN
  10. Paste the flash card logo on the NFC area of ​​the phone until the charging process is completed
  11. If the transaction is successful, your BCA flash balance will increase and a confirmation message that the top-up was successful will appear.

The above BCA flash recharge method will work if your smartphone has NFC support capabilities. If you don’t know what the NFC feature is, I’ll explain.

The NFC feature is a feature that can scan a chip that rests on radio waves. Because not all smartphones have this feature. Therefore, you must ensure that your smartphone supports this feature before charging it.

Requirements to be able to recharge Flazz BCA

  1. You can do a minimum BCA flash recharge of Rp. 20,000
  2. In addition, you can also do a maximum monthly BCA flash recharge of IDR 20,000,000
  3. You can save a maximum BCA flazz balance of IDR 2,000,000
  4. You can save a minimum balance on a flash Rp card. 0
  5. The minimum balance amount to carry out the transaction is determined by each partner
  6. BCA Mobile flash top-up transactions limit is IDR 2,000,000 per day. Where the limit is a combination of all BCA Mobile connected to the same passport card and applies to all types of BCA passports.
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Above is an explanation how to recharge flash on BCA cell phone and BCA flash recharge requirements. If you want to travel and suddenly your electronic toll balance is low, the above method can be useful.

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