How to Recover IG Account Locked Due to Age

How To Recover Ig Account Locked Due To Age

How to Recover an IG Account Locked Due to Age. – Hello friends, back with the admin who will always provide interesting and useful information. On this occasion, the admin will provide information on how to recover an IG account that is locked due to age.

Some IG users are restricted or find their Instagram account blocked because they are underage.

This can happen to anyone using the Instagram app.

Of course this is a problem because you can’t log in as usual.

Instagram app is one of the most popular social media that has a huge number of users in Indonesia.

Currently, Instagram has made many innovations on a large scale through more and more features for its loyal users to use.

There are now a number of filter effects you can use when using the increasingly contemporary IG.

Without further ado, the admin will provide information and solutions for those who are having issues with age restrictions and how to recover IG locked due to age.

Read this article until the end for important information about the how-to discussion.

How To Recover Ig Account Locked Due To Age

Instagram account blocked due to age

Now there is a lot of research on how to recover an account that is having issues like Instagram account locked due to age.

It’s important for you to know that the growing Instagram app creates a user-friendly social media environment across the country.

By providing user restrictions as per a certain age or age, they can enjoy various features on Instagram.

The existence of the latest Instagram policies and rules to create age-friendly IG usage, of course, if you are an active IG user under the age of 13, you will be automatically banned.

The latest Instagram policies and rules based on a survey conducted so that good IG users can receive multiple videos on Instagram according to the mindset of 21 year old users.

Now this will help parents to supervise and limit minors from playing games on social media.

Minors mentally will be healthier if they spend a lot of free time without watching Instagram videos.

How to Recover IG Blocked Due to Age

How to Recover IG Blocked Due to Age

This time, the admin will provide you with steps you can take to get back your account that has been locked due to age by Instagram.

Let’s see below:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile
  2. Enter username and password
  3. There will be a notification about the blocked account
  4. Then click on the “file an appeal
  5. Or you can click the Instagram help center link
  6. Then fill in the column that Instagram asks in the form of full name or account name on Instagram profile
  7. Enter last used email to subscribe to Instagram
  8. Then select country or domicile now
  9. next click to send
  10. If yes, open it Email to check for an Instagram message
  11. Wait for a response from Instagram and follow all instructions in the email message.

Important note for the process of getting an email response from Instagram usually takes two to three days.

Suggestions to monitor your email within three days to carefully check the email to see the unlock application you made.

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Refused to restore locked IG due to age

Rejection when submitting an appeal can happen to anyone, of course there is a reason or information transmitted by Instagram through email responses.

If how to recover an Instagram account blocked due to age is rejected?

Then double-check the instruction data requested by Instagram, such as:

  1. Are there spelling errors?
  2. Not clear what was typed?
  3. Or the lack of clarity in the photos sent by email?
  4. and many other things as per Instagram instructions.

Important note that you should know if someone has a password and accidentally deletes their account, then that account can no longer be recovered.

The only option is to create a new account with the same email address as the previous one, but the username cannot be the same as the previous one.


There is little information and comments on how to recover an IG account that is blocked due to age that you need.

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