How to record a Samsung A32, A72 and A52 series screen with or without buttons

How To Record A Samsung A32, A72 And A52 Series Screen With Or Without Buttons

Screenshot Of Samsung A32, A72 And A52 Series

All of Samsung’s latest smartphone lines are now definitely equipped with one of the features basic, ie screenshots or screenshots. This feature is useful for capturing screenshots in the form of images.

Interestingly, the screenshot on a Samsung mobile phone is not just one way like the traditional way of using buttons. It is also possible without physical buttons via shortcuts, as well as the mode with strokes.

Well, here we share several ways to take screenshots on Samsung phones, starting with the use of physical buttons, shortcuts, gesture mode, and long screenshots.

Screenshot of Samsung A32, A72 and A52 Series

Screenshots using physical keys

We’re sure many of you already know the traditional way of using physical buttons. You can take a screenshot by pressing the volume down button and the power button at the same time.

The screen will then flash, followed by the sound of the screenshot. Combinations must be pressed at the same time, no key must be pressed before.

The assistant menu itself is a floating button menu that allows us to replace physical buttons. If activated, a floating menu such as Assistive Touch will be available on iPhone.

The menu has a number of hotkeys for various actions, such as taking screenshots, locking the screen, they can also replace the navigation keys. You can activate the Assistant menu as follows.

  • Go to Samsung phone settings.
  • Select a menu Accessibility.
  • Choose Interaction and skill.
  • Next activation Assistant menu.
Screenshot Via The Assistant Menu

When active, a floating menu is displayed, there are several shortcuts in the assistant menu. You can press the button to take a screenshot Screenshot.

You can also adjust the menu button via the Settings menu in slip the second assistant menu. This allows you to customize any menu displayed in the assistant menu.

Screenshots of dragging the screen with the palm of your hand

How to take a screenshot of the way with gestures on Samsung is different from Chinese smartphones like Xiaomi, Vivo and others that use three fingers. Samsung has decided to use it on the side / end of the palm.

To use a screenshot with the swipe of a palm, you must first activate it as follows.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Get on me Advanced features.
  • Choose Movements and gestures.
  • Then activate the option Pull with your palm to lift.
Screenshots Of Dragging The Screen With The Palm Of Your Hand

For those unfamiliar with using these methods, it may be a bit tricky and often fails or is not optimal when taking screenshots. However, if you are used to it, the results will be better.

Too bad Samsung has chosen a way that is quite difficult for beginners. Hopefully, Samsung changes screenshots in gesture mode in an easier way than three-finger screenshots.

Long screenshots of Samsung A32, A72 and A52 Series

It is also very easy to take long screenshots or long screenshots on a Samsung mobile phone. First, make sure the area or page you want to capture is scrolling. Then take a screenshot using one of the above methods.

Long Screenshots Of Samsung A32, A72 And A52 Series

When you take a screenshot, the screen will flash, and then a few seconds of the “toolbar” screenshot, as shown in the image above, will appear at the bottom.

For a long screenshot, you can select the option with the down arrow icon. The screen will scroll to the end, and then a small image will appear on the left side of the screen, indicating that the long screenshot was successful.

Pretty easy, right? Here are some ways to capture screenshots on the Samsung A32, A72 and A52 series phones, especially those that use the One UI 4 interface. Hopefully this will help.

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