How to Pay Shopee Through Indomaret Easy and Practical

How To Pay Shopee Through Indomaret Easy And Practical

ViaJar.Radio.Com – How to Pay Shopee Through Indomaret Easy and Practical? Pay attention to the tutorial below to make shopee payments via Indomaret

Shopee has payment facilities through the Indomaret minimarket or via i Saku, which is valid throughout Indonesia. Shopee payments through Indomaret can be done easily and conveniently. If you don’t have a mobile bank/ATM and still want to shop online using Shopee, you can still shop using Shopee. Because Shopee currently supports payments through mini-markets, one of which you can pay via Indomaret.

See how to make shopee payment through Indomaret for customers who want to complete purchases, pay attention to the following steps:

Add product to cart, select check out > Form of payment > indomaret > Confirmation > check your order > create an order > You will receive a payment code. Then make the transaction through the Indomaret cashier or through the i.Saku app following the steps listed.

How To Pay Shopee Via Indomaret


  1. As a note, payments through Indomaret will be subject to an administration fee of IDR 2,500.
  2. The additional fees charged are quite economical or cheaper than the administration fees for interbank transfers. The administrative fee for bank transfer borne by the consumer is IDR 6,500 per purchase transaction.
  3. If payment is not made within 1 x 24 hours or 1 day, the order will be cancelled.
  4. If the cashier says you don’t handle payments to Shopee, you can report that this payment is a Payment Point in the “e-commerce“.
  5. Indomaret does not accept refund requests.
  6. when making a payment connected via the Indogrosir & i.saku Partner app, if the balance is deducted but the transaction fails, please complete payment by another method and contact Shopee Customer Service to request a refund from ShopeePay.
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How to pay Shopee on Indomaret for customers who want to checkout

Here are the steps to pay the buyer through Indomaret:

  1. Open the shopee app
  2. Click on My Cart.
  3. Select the item to be purchased.
  4. Click Finish.
  5. Click Payment Method.
  6. Select Indomaret/i.Saku.
  7. Click Create Order.
  8. Tell the Indomaret cashier that you want to pay Shopee.
  9. Show payment code.
  10. Give money to pay according to value.
  11. Then the cashier will process your request. Upon success, you will receive proof of payment (keep it for safekeeping if an additional verification process is required).
  12. Now check the order status in the Shopee app, usually the payment will be verified directly, initially the status has not been paid yet, now it is packed.

Why should proof of payment be kept? This is only necessary in case of system failure at any time and the payment cannot be validated. You can bring proof of payment to file a claim with Indomaret or Shopee.

How to pay Shopee PayLater on Indomaret

How To Pay Shopee Paylatter Via Indomaret

Shopee PayLater is a loan service provided by PTCommerce Finance and those who work with the company. With this service, you can shop on Shopee and pay later. One of the important things you should know when you want to use this service is how to pay Shopee PayLater.

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This is important to know so you don’t make a mistake when paying the bills. Payment of Shopee PayLater bills also cannot be more than due. Because after the specified period, you may receive a fine of 5% of the total bill. So the money you have to spend becomes more.

Here are the steps to pay Shopee PayLater through Indomaret, including:

  1. First, open the Shopee app.
  2. Then go to the “Me” menu.
  3. Then open the “Shopee PayLater” menu.
  4. Click on “My Accounts” and select “Shopee PayLater Accounts”.
  5. Then select “Pay Now”.
  6. Select the Indomaret payment method.
  7. Write down the payment code and the invoice total that appears on the screen.
  8. Then click “Ok”.
  9. Come to the nearest Indomaret.
  10. Tell the cashier that you want to pay the PayLater account by showing the payment code.
  11. Pay the bill according to the amount listed in the Shopee app.
  12. Wait a moment and the cashier will immediately process your payment. When finished, receive the SPayLater payment receipt at the cashier.

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