How to overcome WhatsApp cannot enter

How To Overcome Whatsapp Cannot Enter

How to overcome WhatsApp cannot enter – Whatsapp, or what can be abbreviated as WA is a social media that is often used by many people. Especially by the people of Indonesia.

In fact, we can say that WA is an instant messaging app, especially for our people. Naturally, then, many people get very worried when their WA has problems.

For example, I can’t log in. Even though it is a well-known application in the universe, it is very possible for WA users to experience these problems or problems.

Because, in fact, all applications have these risks. So, if you were in a situation like this, what would you do? Panic?

Confused? Definitely yes. But don’t worry, because there is a solution. And this time, we will discuss 10 ways to solve WhatsApp not getting in.

How to solve Whatsapp cannot enter

The ten ways you can choose later yes. But what is clear is figuring out which method you are going to use, even if you first find out what causes your wa to not be able to log in or not be able to log in.

After all, knowing the cause will make it easier to overcome it. Trust me. And that doesn’t just apply to this app.

But it also applies to problems that occur, whatever the problem. Okay, instead of getting curious, take a look at the 10 ways to deal with WhatsApp not being able to get into the following.

Check the wa number again

How to deal with those who can’t log in first, including the easiest and simplest way, but it has a big impact on whether or not the login succeeds.

What’s more, just one wrong number will be fatal. In a way, just because a number is wrong, you can’t get in, otherwise known as failure.

Failed. So, it never hurts to try this method. Check the number used as accurately as possible. So that the number is easily detected by WA.

Make sure the number can be used

In addition to having to make sure the number is correct, you also make sure that the number can actually be used. Don’t let the number you use actually be a number that is no longer active.

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This is because the WA numbers that can be used are only numbers that can receive regular calls and sms.

Even though there are currently people using a number that is no longer active on their WA, believe me, sooner or later your WA will no longer be accessible to them.

Because the author himself experienced it. The solution, use a new number that is still active.

Make sure the number is registered

As for how to deal with WhatsApp not being able to log in, the next step is to decide again, if you have registered the number in WA.

Don’t let it be said that you can’t log in, even if you haven’t registered yet. Because if you haven’t registered, you certainly won’t be able to access the app and all its interesting features.

If you haven’t registered, the solution is just to register the number. Also, the registration process is easy. Because there is already a record or record column that you can use.

The registration process itself only takes a few minutes. But, we remind you once again, to use an active number, yes.

check by call

When you want to login or enter the wa app, you need to go through a verification process. Which, this verification process can be chosen using what.

You can use the phone or via SMS. If SMS verification is difficult enough, just use the phone. Because it’s not that hard.

Using the latest version of the app

Well, did you know that when the app you are using is an older version then the app will be hard to use. Even difficult if you want to enter the application.

Also, WA often does updates too, and as a wa user it would be much better if you actually used the latest version.

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So that you can enjoy the latest features and get an interesting experience. In fact, usually updating an app version also fixes bugs in the previous version.

It’s not that hard to update. The way is how to update apps in general.

In this case, you can freely access the Google Play Store app, click on the search menu and type wa.

When the results appear, just click on the wa app in question and click on the update text on the right.

Clear app data

The next way to solve WhatsApp not being able to log in is to clear app data.

When cleaning the app, you will often feel like you are using a completely new app. Of course, if it happens, this method is quite powerful to make the app normal again.

It is also easy to delete the data. First enter the settings menu or mobile phone settings, select the app menu and search for whatsapp app.

If yes, just click on clear data. It is made. For maximum results, you can restart your phone.

Setting the HP time

Although it seems a bit strange, but no one thought that by adjusting the mobile settings, you can log into the WhatsApp application.

Because in fact, the time setting on the cell phone also influences an application.

So the only way to do this is to update the time, or update the time, by opening the settings menu section and entering the date and time section.

Then you can change the timezone to automatic. If you’ve set the time, you can try logging back into the app right away. And see the results.

Reinstall the app

In addition to being able to resolve issues by updating the app, you can also overcome these issues by installing the used WhatsApp app.

Because when uninstalling and reinstalling it means that you will be using an app with a completely new and updated version.

This method can also eliminate bugs or errors in the application that may occur. Installing the app is easy. Not much different from how to install other apps.

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You can open settings on phone, go to apps section and select whatsapp app. In this case, just click on the uninstall option.

If the process is complete, the last thing you need to do is install the app again on your phone and try logging in again. This method is quite powerful. So, don’t hesitate to try it out.

Use a stable connection

We cannot deny that a stable internet connection will give you maximum search results and application usage. Vice versa.

So when you try to log into the app using an unstable and weak internet connection, the result will definitely be zonk.

The solution is to find a place with a strong and stable network. Or, if you feel the connection is strong and stable, can you try to test or find out if the network is really strong and stable as you think?

Is easy. Just use a network stability check site. Currently there are many websites. You can search the model website on google, yes.

Login with another phone

When you have done all the above methods and the results are still null, try logging into WhatsApp with another phone. If it works, that means the problem is with your phone.

And to solve this problem, you still reset or return the phone to its default version.

If you decide to reset your phone, don’t forget to protect all files first.

Because when resetting the phone, all data is completely lost including your login access to social media, photos, videos, apps and so on. When resetting the phone, the phone will look like new.

There are 10 ways to resolve WhatsApp cannot enter that you can follow.

Use the first, second, third, and so on. I hope it’s helpful, and don’t forget to protect all data if the problem is with your cell phone. It might be useful.

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