How to Overcome Ghost Touch on Android/Iphone Hp Screen

How To Overcome Ghost Touch On Android/Iphone Hp Screen

How to beat Ghost Touch – Have any of you tried Ghost Touch? Android users are certainly not surprised by this anymore, the article is that Ghost Touch often occurs on Android devices. Ghost Touch will not be considered a problem if the system can still run and does not interfere with usage.

However, if the situation gets worse, it is like not being able to carry out smartphone activities as we wish. And we can’t just let it go, but don’t be in a hurry to take it to an HP technician. Because we can still beat Ghost Touch with just a few steps you should pay attention to.

And on this occasion we will discuss about how to overcome Ghost Touch which is a problem for everyone especially Android users. However, in fact, all types and brands of smartphones will not be able to prevent Ghost Touch from occurring. So, how to beat Ghost Touch? So see more discussion below.

What is Phantom Touch

Ghost Touch if interpreted in English, namely the devil’s touch. And it is a phenomenon that the smartphone screen works and operates on its own without us touching it. This usually happens when using a smartphone that is charging the battery, because of the Ghost Touch triggering process. However, this is considered safe if it only occurs while charging the battery.

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But, if this caused the system to become an error. So, you need to deal with it right away. Of course this is very disturbing activities that require us to be in contact with smartphones and annoying. And to overcome this, there are several ways you can apply. Anything? better see the sequel below.

How To Overcome Ghost Touch On Android Phone Screen

How to get over phantom touch

In fact, the causes of Ghost Touch are also very varied and we never noticed it before. For example, there is a problem with the hardware or machine of the smartphone you are using. And if you are having issues with Ghost Touch. We recommend that you see how we will share it below.

Broken screen

Screen damage due to water ingress and eventually seeping into it. And this is one of the problems with Ghost Touch without you knowing, to fix it immediately replace your LCD with a new one.

And by replacing the screen, it also prevents water from getting into the screen and which will get into the hardware later. Therefore, it is possible for the system to fail and make it even more fatal.

Clean RAM and CPU

Next, it’s a good idea for you to be diligent in cleaning up your RAM and CPU to get past Ghost Touch. Also, if you opened excessive apps and caused them to heat up quickly.

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And avoid opening too many apps as this causes the smartphone’s performance to decrease and as a result the inevitable is Ghost Touch.

clean screensaver

Ghost Touch can occur if your smartphone’s screen protector is dirty. You should also clean it regularly, this is really trivial but it will have a fatal impact if you ignore it.

Due to the large amount of dust that sticks to the screen protector, especially if it is damaged, you must replace it with a new one.

No battery

Also, what you should know if running out of battery will also cause Ghost Touch. So, you have to charge your smartphone. And you can check the battery status if Ghost Touch is still not lost.

We recommend that you replace it if the battery is enlarged or inflated, this is to prevent further damage.

Resetting the screen calibration

Please come in exhibition about Definitionsand then set the calibration menu available. You can avoid features Auto rotation. For simplicity, you can download SwiftKey Keyboard to set the calibration, which also has settings touch input.

Or taking advantage of PlayStore apps Touch screen calibration. It will be easier to use if your smartphone is rooted.

charger not compatible

We recommend that you use the original charger that came from the smartphone you are using, as using a charger that does not fit will cause Ghost Touch without you knowing.

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Along with using a high voltage charger, your smartphone can no longer accommodate the high power of the charger. And also avoid KW chargers that will harm you later.


The most effective way, among others, is to restart the smartphone. In addition to Ghost Touch, other issues will be resolved with the restart. Because the reset or reset process will restore smartphone stability as before.

reset reset

The last method is a method you can apply if all the above methods don’t work to overcome Ghost Touch. However, the risk of a reset is that your smartphone data and all apps will be lost. So make a backup, move it to a hard drive, flash or memory card, so your data stay safe. And with the restart process, the smartphone will be back like new.

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This is what we can discuss about How to Overcome Phantom Touch that you can apply when Phantom Touch occurs. Instead, follow the steps we outlined above to overcome Ghost Touch on your own without the help of others. I hope this article is useful for everyone. Thanks.

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