How to Overcome Can’t Install Shopee App on Android and Iphone

How To Overcome Can’t Install Shopee App On Android And Iphone

PINGKOWEB.COM – Check it out in this time sharing how to overcome inability to install or install Shopee app on latest Android and Iphone.

Shopee is currently the number one marketplace in Indonesia, many sellers and buyers meet in this app.

Looking at Google PlayStore and AppStore, more than 100 million users have installed the Shopee app.

Causes Unable to Install Shopee App

There are several reasons why you cannot install the Shopee app on Android or Iphone:

  • Internal memory full
  • The phone has an error
  • Internet connection is not stable
  • ram is full
  • Android and IOS versions are not supported

So how to solve? See below.

How to overcome unable to install Shopee

Here are some steps you can take to overcome the inability to install on Shopee:

1. Internal storage is full

To install the Shopee app successfully, make sure your internal storage is not full.

The Shopee app requires approximately 100MB of storage space, so to fix this, you have to delete some apps that are no longer used.

2. Ram is full

The number of apps running behind the screen makes the RAM work harder.

So, to install Shopee, you need to force stop apps that are no longer in use.

3. Phone error

If the phone error caused you to be unable to install Shopee, it’s a good idea to restart first.

After restarting, try downloading Shopee from the AppStore or PlayStore again.

4. Internet network is not stable

An unstable internet network can cause Shopee downloads to fail.

To solve this problem, you should look for a place that has a stable internet network, not only that, you can also use wifi in a store or neighbor’s property.

5. Phone version not supported

There are some phones that have Android and IOS versions that do not support it.

The solution to this is to simply buy a new phone that has more specs so you can install it. Marketplace Shopee.

the final word

This is the way to overcome the impossibility of installing or installing the Shopee app on iPhone and Android. With this article, I hope it will be helpful for you.

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