How to Merge JPG Files Easily – Tipandroid

How To Merge Jpg Files Easily – Tipandroid

How to merge JPG files. JPG files are the most common image format to use.

This is because JPG files have advantages including small file sizes but still good image quality.

But sometimes you want to combine multiple JPG files into one JPG file.

To know how to combine JPG files, you can see the following.

How To Merge Jpg Files

1. How to Merge JPG Files into One on Laptop

There are two ways to merge JPG files on a laptop, namely online and offline. For those who wish to use the online method, you can use the merge jpg service which you can access via a web browser.

So for those who will combine them using the offline method, they can use software like Paint and Microsoft Word.

Using a web browser

If done via a web browser, there are several websites that can be used for free to combine JPG files, namely:

  • Quickpicturetools. with
  • Pinetools. with

All the above sites can be used to combine JPG files online for free and there is no registration required.

And the steps you should follow are also not very different from one site to another. What we’re going to demonstrate here is using

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Below are the steps to merge JPG files using online:

  1. The first step you need to do is open a browser on your laptop and then open
  2. After that, click on the Select local file button. This is done to find and select the photos you want to combine into one.
  • Then you find and select the first image and click Open.
  • After the first image is successfully added, continue adding the next image. In the same way, i.e. by clicking the Select Local File button. Keep repeating this method so you can add more than two images.
  • If you have successfully inserted both images, select Scroll Down in the Merge Options section to choose how the combined images will be placed.
  • Then you click the Merge button. Then wait for the process to finish.
  • And for the last method, which is to download the results by clicking the Click to Download it button.

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2. How to merge JPG files into one on an Android phone

For those using an Android phone, you can also combine JPG files using an app. There are several apps you can use including;

  • image combiner
  • Photo embedding
  • photo fusion
  • pixel blending
  • glue machine
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For the use of these applications is not much different. And this time we are going to discuss using Image Combiner.

Using the Image Combiner application

Before using this app, you must first install the Image Combiner app. The steps to combine JPG files using the Image Combiner application are as follows:

  • The first step is to download Image Combiner from Palystore.
  • After downloading it, you open the app and press the “+ ADD IMAGE” button to add the image you want to combine.
  • The next step is to select the images you want to combine.
  • Then you press the “Merge Image” button. This is for merging JPG files
  • Then two orientations will appear, i.e. images that are combined vertically or horizontally. If you choose Horizontal, press Save so you can continue to the next process
  • Click OK to save the result
  • For the storage location in the internal storage, click on images and on Image Combiner
  • Done.

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