How to make Snack Bouquet and Money Bouquet 2000

How To Make Snack Bouquet And Money Bouquet 2000– For friends who are confused about giving a gift or souvenir to a girlfriend, friend or family, the following admin provides How to Make a Snack Bouquet and a 2000 Money Bouquet.

Basically, making a bouquet of flowers is very familiar, so when it comes to giving gifts to friends, especially at graduation, it will have more meaning making a bouquet of 2000 coins and snacks.

However, nowadays snack bouquets are a trend and are very popular. To save costs, here are some tips on how to make a wrapping paper snack bouquet without hot glue.

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For those who want to know how to make a wrapping paper snack bouquet, see the full admin review below.

how to make a gift wrapping paper bouquet

Just snacks and 2000 money that are often found, the necessary materials and a little creative innovation to make the bouquet.

Now, for the friends who want to know how to make a snack bouquet out of wrapping paper and 2000 money, the following steps are given by the admin as follows:

How to make a bouquet of 2000 coins and snacks

  • The first step is to prepare all the materials needed for the making.
  • Prepare all the snacks and money that will be arranged in a bouquet.
  • Then stick it with a toothpick to each snack using tape or soles and place the money in the plastic.
  • Adjust the skewer position to match your desired shape so it stays clean
  • And if you got the shape of a series of snacks and money, stick the skewers in one piece
  • So that the snack chain does not falter and the money does not falter, the back of the series is reinforced using plaster or strong glue.
  • Then slightly lift the top crease for the wrapping paper.
  • Fold the right and left sides of the wrapping paper. Place a series of snacks and 2,000 bills on the folded paper.
  • After that, arrange and adjust the top and bottom of the bouquet.
  • After the bouquet is arranged, tie the bottom using the prepared ribbon.
  • and for the Snack Bouquet and money were made.

This is how you make a bouquet of snacks and cash 2000 for gifts and souvenirs.

the final word

So many opinions this time about How to make Snack Bouquet and Money Bouquet 2000 I hope it’s useful and innovative for your friends.

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