How to login to my SAPK BKN and easily overcome login failures

How To Login To My Sapk Bkn And Easily Overcome Login Failures

How to login to my SAPK BKN – This is one of the best quality applications, the result of work developed by start-ups in collaboration with the local authority. In addition, it has the function of service to public facilities.

Which can be used by all groups, but especially those within the scope of the Civil Service of all sections of the permanent members of the State Civil Service Agency. By using this app, it can provide you with efficiency and convenience. Practically, provide online agility facilities for Public Servants (PNS).

In simple terms, you can use it to verify the accuracy of office personnel data or the community at large. Applications for the purpose of this service, together with their development, can be accessed online on the Site or also through a mobile device.

However, there may still be some, some of them are still confused. About, how it works face Login My SAPK BKN. Calm down, friends, and it’s best not to go far first and then just follow the full review below.

How to login to my SAPK BKN

You are absolutely obliged and must visit the official website directly online first. Or you can also do this by opening an existing app and the mechanism is still the same.

Because for the following ways to work, as well as using “log in” my SAPK BKN activity on a site-based site. Also, the form of the app itself is not much different.

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And what follows is a brief summary of the specific topics of the tutorial. What can be done to speed up the login process of my SAPK BKN activities like now:

  1. First way, please, you just need to open one page of the website on the internet first. But we are just suggesting, don’t forget to use internet access, it should be stable and fast. Because if the access is slow and bad, then the process will be very slow.
  2. If, he has successfully entered the web that is on You can also open it through the My SAPK BKN app if you already have it. You can get it by downloading it for free from the Google Play Store.
  3. After that, only then should you “enter your PIN” in the username column area.
  4. Also don’t forget to “Enter password” from within the account My SAPK BKN that you already have.
  5. Then just press the “Enter” menu section.

How to overcome my SAPK BKN login failed

How To Overcome My Sapk Bkn Login Failed

If you have a glitch, when performing the “login” process in the applications section my SAPK BKN. As a result, it will come out tagged with news from a notification like the following, buddy:

Your operation failed, data Not found In AUT BKN (User name and part of the password does not match).

The point is that the above notification provides a short statement that the column in the “PIN and password” field is incorrect. While the process when entering the beginning of the first.

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So the login failed now, the possibility may have occurred due to an error in filling the NIP or also with a line Password that you already have. The easy trick is to do it, quickly, overcoming this error, you just need to point it to the Menu and press the command “forgot password”..

And finally, like the process that was just done previously, there will be more news. That is, you will receive a token number, the use of which can help you log in again. In addition, due to negligence with errors in the process of filling in the PIN and Password.

There is also something that can cause other logins to fail, when you log into My SAPK BKN app, it is caused by you not completing the registration process. In order for it to fail, as to how to fix it, it’s still very easy just by pointing and pressing the menu and pressing the “Forgot password” command. Also, you will later be taken directly to the account creation process yourself.

How to activate and register my SAPK BKN

By pressing the “forgot password” menu, it can fulfill a condition to be able to activate and along with registration. And it can reset, “password” that was lost or forgotten.

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So, to make it even more practical, it’s best to take a look at the My SAPK BKN app activation and registration tutorial below. To facilitate step by step to do faster How to login to my SAPK BKN.

  1. The first thing is to press the “Forgot my password” menu which is located in the “Login My SAPK BKN” menu.
  2. Enter the total of all numbers in your PIN section. Also make sure that the numbers you enter must be correct and not wrong too often.
  3. Also inform the e-mail, which you registered yesterday in SIASN and SAPK. If the email results are not yet registered, you must register them first, namely through the existing facilities of the BKPSDM and the HR Office and are available at your official agency.
  4. Press the section in the “Next” menu and also re-enter a new password in the column provided.
  5. “Continue” again, filling in the column “Must be the same as the token received in your email”.
  6. Short press on the menu and then for the “search password” command.
  7. The process is complete.

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If it’s appropriate, in terms of doing a series of tutorials like above, you’ll now be able to directly log into your respective account. So that’s it, a brief review of and I hope it can provide significant benefits. That’s all and thank you.

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