How to install artificial grass

How To Install Artificial Grass

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is a man-made synthetic surface that looks like grass. Artificial is used when people want a beautiful backyard and don’t want to take care of it. It has the look and feel of real grass, but has no maintenance. It was originally used for sports fields such as football stadiums, but is increasingly being used for family backyards.

Artificial grass is made from high quality synthetic fibers such as polyethylene and is free of toxic substances and heavy metals. It’s made from the same substances as your local grocery bags, but it’s treated so there’s no mold or mildew, and it stands up to foot traffic, heat, and the sun’s rays. Below are some steps that are listed for installing synthetic grass, by following the steps you can have a perfect lawn. It won’t take long to have the best lawn in the neighborhood.

Steps for installing artificial turf

You can’t just place your artificial grass on top of existing grass; this will cause problems such as poor drainage. You should first remove any existing grass, roots, mulch, pine needles, and other things that get in your way using a shovel. For more information about artificial grass, you can always do your research and find a website that will help you. By doing your research, you will have the perfect installation.

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Then you need to dig into the earth about two and a half centimeters deep. It would be a great idea to call 811 to make sure there are no utilities in your way.

Since you don’t want weeds to grow on your artificial lawn, you should put up a weed barrier. You need something strong enough to keep weeds from growing and porous enough to allow water to drain out of it.

You need to make sure the right side is facing up and you need to overlap the ends. Every few feet, you need to add a landscape anchor or a six-inch galvanized nail to secure it.

You need to make sure the ground doesn’t have dips or valleys after you put in your weed barrier. Once you’ve done that, you need to establish an aggregate over the top of the weed barrier. This can be gravel or crushed stone and needs to be about two to four inches deep.

After placing the aggregate, you need to use a rake to smooth it all out, again making sure that there are no depressions or valleys where water can settle. Use a tamper to compact the aggregate when you are done with the rake.

Now you need to place the artificial turf over the aggregate, making sure to leave it very long to ensure that your entire space is covered. Use a utility knife to trim the artificial grass, being careful not to cut it too short.

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If you use more than one piece of artificial grass, you will need to sew them together. You will use a sewing cloth, or artificial grass tape, to sew the two pieces together. You will pull the lawn up and place the tape between the edges. You need to make sure that the lawn grain is going in the same direction.

When you’re done using the grass tape, use landscaping anchors or 6-inch galvanized nails to secure the grass.

Next, you will need to apply adhesive to the grass tape and make sure it is spread evenly. Do this all over the grass ribbon and then you will allow it to dry for about ten minutes. You will then slowly line up the edges once more, making sure to go slowly so as not to create gaps in the lawn.

Go around the perimeter of the artificial turf and place a landscape anchor or six-inch galvanized nail every foot or so, making sure to keep it taut. You need to do this every time you join two seams as well.

Then spread filler like silica sand over the entire lawn, this will help to weigh down the lawn. It will also help the lawn not get tangled when walking on it. Be sure to put extra padding around the edges and seams to ensure they don’t lift. Get more information about infill here: It will help you find the best fill for your project.

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Going in the same direction across the lawn, use a stiff broom to brush the infill onto the lawn. This will help the grass fibers stand up and give it an even appearance.


If you follow all the instructions above, you will have a beautiful artificial lawn in no time. It will be an easy-to-care lawn that will last for decades if you care for it properly.

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