How to hack IG followers with Script Termux 2022 without root

How To Hack Ig Followers With Script Termux 2022 Without Root

How to hack IG followers with Termux script – In this modern and sophisticated era, almost every activity can be carried out quickly and easily using the internet and social media, starting with telecommunication, messaging, food ordering, delivery services, sales and various other activities.

One of the social media that is being loved these days by both young people and online entrepreneurs is Instagram or more popularly known as “IG”.

All people really like this social media because the concept is not like other social media.

Instagram users themselves when many are hunting followers, the more followers, the more famous the IG account will be.

This is certainly used a lot by users who run an online business, because an online business that is on its way can develop quickly if you have an Instagram account with a lot of followers.

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For those who have a product, you can promote it on your Instagram account which has a large following.

So the product update you make will immediately get a response from everyone who reads it, so the possibility of consumers buying your product is quite high.

Cara Hack Followers IG Script Termux 2022

Guy Hack Instagram Followers 2022
guy hack instagram followers 2022

It’s not great if we have an IG account with a lot of followers.

That’s all, it’s not easy to get a lot of followers. Because we need special techniques for our IG account to be liked by many other IG users.

One of the things that can increase the number of our IG followers is to be diligent in updating useful posts for other users. Of course, this is not an easy matter.

Therefore, many Instagram users are making various efforts to increase the number of followers.

The way that is considered to be the fastest and easiest way to add followers is to use a service or it can be using special software.

It’s just that this method is quite vulnerable to getting banned, but if done carefully and correctly, it can still be safe.

One of the software that is often used to increase IG followers is Termux.

For that, on this occasion the admin will share tips and tricks on how to hack to add followers on Instagram using Termux.

Curious, how to hack Instagram followers in 2022? Okay, just look at the ig script 2022 termux followers and the steps in the following tutorial.

How to hack Instagram followers with Termux script

Guy Hack Followers Ig
Adding followers on Instagram

1. The first step you need to do is first download Termux Termux Apk and then go through the installation process.

2. Type termux followers ig 2022 script, do first install in git first.

pkg install git

3. Wait for the installation process to complete.

4. When finished, install it on “node js” and wait for the process to complete.

package install nodejs

5. The next step is to clone the fft on github.

git clone

6. Then navigate to the fft folder.


new cd ff


7. Run the unzip process on the fft file.


8. Then open the file again and we install npm.


npm install

9. In the next step, we open the fft file.

coconut knot

10. After that, just enter the username and password as per what you created.

11. Next, enter the text of the comment, for example, with the phrase “Follow me back, OK?”

12. Finally, we just need to define insertion sleep. (very important, set the delay and do it slowly because it can get the account banned).

If you need to root your phone without rooting, read How to root Termux (without root).

These are the tips and tricks we can share with all our friends about tutorials How to hack IG followers with Termux 2022 without root.

I hope the tutorial on how to hack Instagram followers 2022 that we shared above can be helpful and increase the knowledge of all my friends.

Good luck and good luck.

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